What Is a Sliding Security Door?

Angela Colley
Angela Colley
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

A sliding security door allows homeowners to access outside areas while providing a level of security against home invasion and acts of weather. Typically, a sliding security door provides access from a house to a pool or backyard area. These doors are often double in size compared to regular doors, allowing more natural light into the home.

A typical sliding security door consists of two door panels and two door jambs. Both door panels sit on a track. The track allows the first door to slide in front of the second door, providing an opening for exiting and entering the home. When open, the two doors overlap, leaving a small gap in between. When closed, the homeowner can lock the main door with a latch.

There are several types of sliding doors. A glass security door has two full-sized glass doors. Typically, the doors use double pain glass or contain a layer of plastic inside the glass to absorb heat from the outdoors and provide an extra level of security. A metal security door provides a heightened level of security and typically is used for businesses. A security screen door typically includes a mesh screen door in addition to the two door panels.

A sliding security door uses a latch in place of a traditional turn lock. When pressed upward, the latch hooks inside the door frame, securing the door to the exterior wall. Some sliding security doors also have a wooden or metal jamb. The jamb looks like a long, rectangular bar. A homeowner places the jamb along the track of the sliding security door, making it more difficult to force open the door.

With the risk of home break-ins, many homeowners worry about the effectiveness of a sliding security door, especially a glass security door. In theory, an intruder could force open the latch locking mechanism or kick through the glass on a sliding security door. This would easily give the intruder access to the inside of the home.

Homeowners have the option of installing an additional chain lock onto the door. A chain lock consists of a sliding lock clasped onto a chain. When in place, the chain lock adds an additional level of security. Some homeowners place a long board or rod in the track when they want to block the door from sliding open, which provides some additional security.

Home security systems provide another level of protection for a sliding door. The door alarm feature on a home security system can sense when a sliding security door opens. When the sensor goes off, the warning signal attached the home security system will sound. Many home security systems also notify the police or a private security service automatically in the event of a break-in.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book