What are the Different Types of Security Door Hardware?

Nicole Long
Nicole Long
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Security door hardware is often a necessary step in protecting the valuables stored in homes and businesses. While security systems can alert authorities to possible intrusion, security door hardware can help prevent access. Security door hardware options include deadbolts, chains, peepholes, and additional hardware possibilities.

Keeping the basics in mind when choosing security door hardware is key. Strike plates secure the access point for the lock bolt, and should be considered an important part of making it hard for an intruder to pry open a door. Options include strike plates made of brass, chrome, and stainless steel.

Beyond the lock on the door knob, all exterior doors should be fitted with a deadbolt lock. Deadbolts should have no visible screws on the outside of the door. Security deadbolts should have a minimum one inch bolt to ensure maximum security and protection. In stores, look for deadbolts specifically labeled for maximum security. Additional deadbolts can also be installed that only have key access on the inside.

Door chain assemblies can also add an extra layer of protection. Installation includes placing the anchor piece, with the chain attached, on the frame of the door while screwing in the receptor piece on the door itself. Homeowners can then slide the chain into the receptor. These allow homeowners to open the door slightly without fear of the door being forced open. Other similar security door hardware options include a swing bar guard, commonly found in hotel rooms, or a surface bolt.

Peepholes can provide a view of people approaching a doorway. These items may be called viewers at local hardware and home stores. Security doors may have viewers already installed. If not, apparatus can be purchased separately and installed in existing doors.

For added security, especially in a business setting, electronic or card key options are also available. These require people to either punch in a special code or swipe a pre-authorized card to gain access. This device should be installed on each exterior door, and can also be installed between departments or on doors leading to areas of high-priority, such as supply or medicine storage areas.

Security bars placed below the doorknob and anchored against the floor can alert homeowners to possible intrusion attempts. An alarm is sounded when the security bar is jostled or moved. While a security bar won't prevent an intrusion on its own, it can give the homeowner the needed time to call for emergency services.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book