What are the Different Types of Security Door Systems?

Lumara Lee

Homes, apartment buildings, hotels, and businesses can protect residents, guests, and property by installing security door systems. Some security door systems utilize deadbolt locks, security chains, door strike reinforcers, and alarms to prevent unwanted entry. Other security door systems are designed to allow occupants to screen visitors. Peepholes, door windows, and security cameras allow the homeowner, apartment resident, or hotel guest to see who is outside when someone knocks or rings the doorbell.

Secure doors may only need additional locks to prevent break-ins, but less secure ones may need to be completely replaced.
Secure doors may only need additional locks to prevent break-ins, but less secure ones may need to be completely replaced.

The first thing to consider when planning a security door system is the sturdiness of the door. The most secure doors are constructed of either solid hardwood or metal. Doors made with plywood or composite materials aren’t as strong and will yield more easily to the stress of being kicked or bludgeoned. Installing a noticeably thick, heavy door and frame can be a good psychological deterrent. A burglar looking for a home to rob may choose to pass by a home with a solid, sturdy-looking door and instead find one that will offer easier, quieter, and more rapid entry.

There are many different kinds of security door systems designed to fit almost any budget. A family with limited funds can improve the security of their home by installing a deadbolt lock and a security chain. Installing a door frame made of solid wood or metal will also increase safety by making it more difficult for an unwanted intruder to gain access.

A high percentage of burglars gain access by kicking down the door, so door strike reinforcers are a good investment. The strike plate in the frame of most doors that secures the lock is the weak point that allows a door to be kicked in or opened with a shoulder slam. Short screws affixing the strike plate to the frame usually give way under such strain. A door strike reinforcer is thicker and much longer than a strike plate, and the screws attaching it to the frame are much longer, which makes it more difficult to kick in the door.

Different styles of security doors are designed for different applications. A home security door system will usually feature a traditional hardwood, steel, or wrought iron door, while other styles are often employed for commercial operations. Warehouses, storage units, and storefronts frequently use roll-up security door systems that travel on a track like common garage doors. Some storefronts seen in malls and shopping centers utilize metal grille doors that either roll up or slide.

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