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What Should I Consider When Buying a Screen Door?

Patrick Roland
Patrick Roland

A screen door provides a great way to let in fresh air but keep unwanted outside elements, such as bugs, out of the house. A trip to the home store provides an overwhelming number of options when you are buying a screen door. There are four main things to consider when purchasing a screen door: frame material, screen material, your local weather and any children and pets in the house. Using this method, you will be able to find the perfect door for your home.

A frame is the material that the structure of a screen door is made of, such as wood, metal or vinyl. A wooden door frame provides a traditional look and can be painted to match your home, but it often is susceptible to weather damage and general wear and tear from use. A steel or aluminum screen door provides a lightweight frame that comes in many styles and is more durable, but it is more expensive. A vinyl frame is the most lightweight and cost-efficient frame type, but it often does not have the longevity or visual appeal of other materials.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

Besides the frame, the actual screen is the most important part of a screen door. Screen doors normally use screens made of either aluminum, copper, vinyl or fiberglass. Metal screens such as aluminum and copper are heavy duty and durable in any condition, but they generally are the most expensive. Fiberglass and vinyl provide a more inexpensive option, but they are prone to more frequent rips and tears.

Weather is an important consideration in the selection of screen doors. Heavily fluctuating weather can wreak havoc on wooden frames by warping the material as heat and cold take their toll each year. Also, climates that have smaller bugs will need a tighter screen mesh in order to keep them out. Another consideration is the violence of your weather. If you frequently have high winds, hail and more in your area, you will want to select a sturdier door.

If your home has children and/or pets, you will want to think about the safety of your screen door as well as its looks. Doors made of lighter materials have a tendency to close more slowly than heavier doors, even with pneumatic closers, and this can leave an opportunity for animals or toddlers to escape. Some screen doors incorporate glass panes with screens, but these can be breaking hazards to consider, if there are small children around the home. Security locks are another consideration that can help prevent children from opening the door and leaving the house when unsupervised.

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Excellent information. A tighter mesh is used by magic mesh and yet still lets a considerable amount of fresh air in while keeping the smallest of bugs out.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill