What are Wood Storm Doors?

Amy Hunter
Amy Hunter

Wood storm doors have a wood frame that holds plastic windows. They sit outside of the traditional door, protecting it from weather and adding another level of insulation to the home. Wood storm doors are inexpensive, but do have drawbacks.

Storm doors can protect against hailstorms.
Storm doors can protect against hailstorms.

Like any type of wood exterior door, the frame of a wood storm door is susceptible to changes due to the weather. They may absorb moisture due to rain or humidity, which can cause them to swell. This will make it difficult for you to open and shut the door. Dry air can cause the door to contract, and hang loosely on its hinges. These changes are particularly frustrating because they can occur with the same door over the course of a single season.

Many wood storm doors provide you with the option of taking out the plastic that acts as protection and replace it with screens. This enables you to open your main entry door when the weather is nice, and let a breeze into your home, without letting in insects and pollen. These doors allow you to enjoy times with your heating or cooling system turned off, soaking in the temperate weather.

Wooden storm doors are inexpensive and widely available, which makes them a popular choice. If you decide on a wood storm door for your home there are some ways that you can help reduce or eliminate the problems common with them. The single most important thing that you can do to protect your wood screen door is to cover the wood. A coat of paint or stain will provide a barrier between the elements and the wood door. It also seals the wood, preventing moisture from entering.

Many people initially paint or stain wood storm doors, but fail to keep up with the process later on. To keep your wood door opening and shutting easily and locking securely, it is important to reapply the paint or stain before it begins to show signs of wear. Proper maintenance can virtually eliminate many of the problems associated with wood storm doors.

If you decide on wood storm doors for your home, prepare to conduct routine and proper maintenance. When you buy the door, choose a sturdy door that feels solid. Once installed, the door should shut firmly, and remain shut until you open it. If it rattles on the frame it is unlikely that it will stand up to routine use. Once you have the storm door properly installed, keep it in good shape by routinely applying a fresh coat of paint or stain.

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    • Storm doors can protect against hailstorms.
      Storm doors can protect against hailstorms.