What are the Different Types of Home Gym Workouts?

Diane Goettel

There are various kinds of home gym workouts, generally defined by the kind of equipment that a person owns. For those who have plenty of space and plenty of funds to invest in exercise equipment, home gym workouts may be much like the workouts that are performed in any other kind of gym. Those who have less space, less money, or both may have to be a bit more creative about how they invest in and use their exercise equipment to get good home gym workouts. There are a number of exercise equipment systems that are designed specifically for home use. These systems are usually intended to offer full-body workouts without taking up too much space, with some of them being collapsible.

A treadmill is a good addition to a home gym.
A treadmill is a good addition to a home gym.

For those who have plenty of space and funds to invest in equipment, it may make sense to choose equipment that offers cardio and aerobic exercises, as well as equipment that can be used for strength training. Home gym workouts using this sort of equipment can include, for example, jogging on a treadmill and lifting weights. Alternatively, one could invest in an elliptical machine or an indoor rowing machine for cardio and aerobic exercise and a machine that offers full-body strength training using resistance.

Home gym workouts can be planned and organized by the exerciser or one can follow an exercise plan set out by professional trainers. This does not necessarily mean that exercisers must invest in hiring a personal trainer. Many home exercise equipment systems come with videos that instruct exercisers how to best use the equipment. The information in these videos can be used to plan home gym workouts, and it can also be supplemented. A person following the instructions in a video for using a whole-body strength training machine may supplement that exercise with time spent walking on a treadmill.

The best home gym workouts are workouts that optimize the space and equipment on hand and also help the exerciser to achieve her goals. In order to perform these kinds of home gym workouts, it is important to first assess one's level of fitness and then make a sustainable workout schedule. Consult a doctor in order to determine how much exercise one can perform on a daily and weekly basis. By increasing the length and intensity of one's workouts as one's level of fitness increases, goals can be met more quickly.

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