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How do I Choose the Best Weekly Workouts?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

To choose the best weekly workouts, you need to set goals. Decide where you would like to work out and choose activities that you will enjoy in that setting. Be realistic about your capabilities and the amount of time you have available. You should seek professional advice to ensure that the workouts that you choose will adequately meet your needs. Also make sure that weather will not jeopardize your commitment.

Before you can choose the best weekly workouts, you must decide what your health or fitness goals are. These will determine the types of activities you should engage in and the amount of time you need to exercise. Another initial decision that you need to make is choosing the setting where you would like to work out. If, for example, you are planning to go to a gym, you are likely to have a wide range of equipment that you may not otherwise have access to. This can allow you the opportunity to create a more diverse workout plan.

Jogging provides an aerobic workout.
Jogging provides an aerobic workout.

It is important to remember that the best weekly workouts will be those that include activities that you enjoy. Exercise does not need to feel like you are being forced into torture. If you are able to look forward to working out, you are more likely to do it consistently.

You also need to be realistic about your fitness level and your capabilities. For example, if you have not exercised in more than a year, it is not reasonable to try to copy the exercise plan of someone who spends two hours per day in the gym. Trying to adhere to weekly workouts that are too strict or strenuous can be discouraging.

Try to avoid choosing weekly workouts that can be jeopardized by weather conditions. You may like jogging around your neighborhood, and you may be able to commit to doing it, but depending on where you live, this plan could be jeopardized on numerous occasions by bad weather. If you decide to develop weekly workouts that could be affected in this way, make sure that you have alternative plans.

Realize that you do not have to try to develop weekly workouts on your own. Many people make the mistake of oversimplifying fitness, and the result is that they do not accomplish their goals. For the best results, you should seek advice about your weekly workouts from a professional. Once you have a suitable plan, you do not have to continue to work with that individual on a regular basis if you do not want to.

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    • Jogging provides an aerobic workout.
      By: Martinan
      Jogging provides an aerobic workout.