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How do I Choose the Best Full Body Workouts?

Angela Crout-Mitchell
Angela Crout-Mitchell

There are several factors to consider when choosing effective full body workouts, including the person's fitness level, the type of exercise the person prefers, and finding a program that engages the all or most of the muscle systems in the body. Many people choose full body workout routines to ensure an even distribution of weight loss, adequately tone the whole body, and to create a healthy and strong body working at its best potential. It is not unusual for these types of programs to include a variety of exercises, including cardiovascular exercises to increase the person's heart rate, stretching exercises for long, lean muscles, and weight training to increase muscle strength.

When choosing to participate in full body workouts, people must consider their overall health and fitness level before undertaking any strenuous program. It is also highly recommended to visit or consult with a doctor before beginning any exercise to ensure the person is able to safely participate. For those new to exercise and wishing to receive a full body workout, yoga and swimming are excellent options. These activities are easy on the joints, provide training for every muscle group, and can be enjoyable. Those in better condition can choose from these exercises and also add more intense training, such as weight lifting.

Kayaking may offer an effective full-body workout.
Kayaking may offer an effective full-body workout.

Several studies have indicated that in order to continue with an exercise routine, the person must both enjoy what they are doing and often change the routine to avoid mental and physical boredom. For this reason, it is important to consider what types of activities the person enjoys when choosing full body workouts. Biking, kayaking, and hiking can all be modified to provide an all-inclusive workout for the muscle groups. Most physical trainers or individual sporting experts can make suggestions to create a full body workout based on a particular activity.

Many gyms, online workout centers, and exercise DVDs offer full body workouts for every fitness level. The one factor they all have in common is engaging the core of the body as well as the extremities in the workout. When selecting a full body workout, the participating person must review the exercises to be sure the workout will meet their required needs. If there is any doubt, gyms employ professionals trained to assist members and to answer questions. Online resources usually offer email question forms for participants to use, and additional information is included in the packaging of home DVD exercise full body workouts.

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    • Kayaking may offer an effective full-body workout.
      By: soupstock
      Kayaking may offer an effective full-body workout.