What are the Benefits of Home Gym Exercise?

Amanda R. Bell

The benefits of home gym exercise are numerous and can sometimes surpass the benefits of working out a traditional gym. With home gym exercise. a person has limitless flexibility of when and how to exercise. The endless routines available on television and the Internet can, in some instances, take the place of many classes offered by health clubs. There is also a cost benefit of home gym exercise versus working out at a gym as well as the convenience of working out in the privacy of one’s home.

Exercise pants.
Exercise pants.

When working out a home, a person can tailor exercise time to an individual schedule rather than working around classes at the gym. A few years ago, if one wanted to learn Pilates or another discipline, for example, it would be necessary to join a class at a fitness center. Today there are workout videos available for little to no cost that can instruct a person in different exercise routines. These videos, available on specific television channels, on DVD, and over the Internet, provide everyone from beginners to more advanced students with instructions.

Easy shower access is a major benefit of home gym exercising.
Easy shower access is a major benefit of home gym exercising.

For those looking for a more traditional workout, whether by lifting weights or using other kinds of gym equipment, there can also be a cost benefit to home exercise. Purchasing gym equipment, while typically pricey at first, might save a person money in the long run by forgoing gym membership fees. Home gym exercise can also save people money in gas as well as simply saving time in general. For many, it takes much less time to go to a workout room or turn on an exercise DVD than it does to drive to a gym.

For many people, especially beginners, home gym exercise also provides a much greater level of privacy than can be found at a typical gym. One of the main reasons that some people have a hard time starting an exercise program is embarrassment — they simply don’t want others to see them working out. Home gym exercise eliminates this problem by providing privacy.

Outside of flexibility, money, and privacy, home gym exercise also comes with many other potential benefits. One can listen to his or her favorite kind of music, without earphones, and the shower is only steps away. A home gym is always "open," which can be especially usefully for shift workers or those with small children. While a traditional gym does have many positive qualities, exercising at home can also be an easy and cost effective way to improve one’s health.

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