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How do I Make a Workout Room?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Making a workout room in your home may help you stick to a regular exercise routine. You won't have the excuse that you can't afford to go to the gym or that you don't have time to drive to an exercise class. Instead, you can choose the types of exercises you'll do as well as when you'll do them. The workout room you make in your home should reflect your fitness goals as well as your lifestyle.

Buying a lot of fancy fitness equipment to create a home gym but not using it regularly is a poor investment. If you're going to devote a room in your home to working out to help you achieve your fitness goals, you should at least use the space for exercising three or more times per week. Careful planning can help you make a workout room that you'll actually use.

A treadmill is a good addition to a workout room.
A treadmill is a good addition to a workout room.

First, decide on the types of activities that interest you most and that are best for your workout room. For instance, stair stepping isn't a good activity if you live in an apartment with people below you, and a mini trampoline may not work if you're tall and have low ceilings. It's a good idea to first think of all of the exercise activities you'd consider before ruling them out. Doing this can avoid making a home exercise room that will soon need redesigning because you've thought of other activities you'd prefer.

You may choose to create a focused type of workout space, such as a weight room or yoga den. If your workout room is larger, you could divide it into specific areas. For example, one corner could have weight equipment, while another may feature an exercise mat. Another area of your exercise room could have a treadmill or similar workout equipment.

A home workout room design may include a television, such as a wall-mounted model, for working out along with purchased or televised exercise programs. Some people like to work out while watching their favorite television shows. A stereo system is another idea for a home exercise room; energizing music can make workouts more enjoyable.

Whatever type of exercise room you end up choosing to make, be sure everything is safe. For example, a weightlifting station is not a good choice to have near a window, even if the chance is slight that a weight could slip and shatter it. Children should never be allowed to play on any types of exercise equipment, especially unsupervised, as they may become injured by or trapped under them. Keeping the workout room door locked may be necessary if you have children in your home.

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@ocelot60- I chose a spare bedroom with a nice view for my workout room. I enjoy watching nature as I do exercises. Whether it is a bright, sunny day or cozy, snowy day, having this type of view keeps me relaxed and focused on my workout regimen.


Workout rooms can be as original as the people who work out in them, because they can be put together specifically for certain types of exercise. When you are designing your workout room, all you need is some space and the equipment you prefer to use to get in shape.

I use my finished basement as my workout room, and I have a treadmill, workout mat, several dumbbells, and a television in it. This equipment suits me fine, because I prefer to do yoga exercises combined with some cardio and minor weight lifting. The television helps keep me motivated and entertained as I workout.

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    • A treadmill is a good addition to a workout room.
      By: starush
      A treadmill is a good addition to a workout room.