How Do I Choose the Best Weekend Luggage?

Jessica Ellis

Weekend luggage is typically small and compact, built for short trips. While capacious enough for a few necessities, this type of luggage makes it easy to grab a few things and hit the road. When choosing weekend luggage, the traveler may want to consider what type of weekend travel he or she prefers. Other important considerations may include budget, size and shape of the luggage, and ease of identification.

When a weekend trip involves air travel, bring a small-scale bag that can be carried aboard.
When a weekend trip involves air travel, bring a small-scale bag that can be carried aboard.

The type of weekend luggage necessary may have a lot to do with the traveler's personal style. Travelers who like to take short camping, hiking, or fishing trips may find a sturdy, weatherproof backpack to be their very best friend on the trail. Some good features to look for in backpacks include a good waterproof rating, low weight, and areas to attach straps to hold excess items, such as drinking cups, water bottles, and even a sleeping bag.

Airlines may charge to store your luggage in the cargo hold of a plane.
Airlines may charge to store your luggage in the cargo hold of a plane.

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If weekend trips are likely to include air travel, choosing a carry-on sized bag can help reduce baggage costs. Most airlines permit passengers to bring one small carry-on item and a personal bag or purse. A good carry-on bag will generally have space for two or three outfits and some personal items. Savvy travelers are able to stow laptops in an oversized purse, rather than carry-on bags, in order to save additional space. Wheeled bags can be particularly useful for long walks through airports.

Weekend luggage comes in a variety of price ranges, from low-end budget models to expensive designer sets. If a person does a lot of traveling, it may be wise to look for sales on luggage sets that include weekend pieces and larger luggage for long trips. Occasional travelers may want to lean toward the lower end of the scale, since the luggage will incur less wear. Regular travelers may want to make an investment in sturdier, more expensive luggage that can stand up to the rough and tumble of frequent trips.

Choosing the right size and shape of the luggage is often a matter of personal taste. Some people prefer hand-carry duffel bags, since they are very light and simple. Others prefer more rigid bags, in order to keep clothes and personal items properly organized. Most weekend luggage is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry and tote around. Even a large tote or handbag can serve as weekend luggage for the truly light packer.

One other consideration for buying weekend luggage is the ease of identification. As any airport luggage carousel makes clear, when there are two dozen identical black bags rolling off the rack, confusion will follow. Consider buying luggage that has a distinct print or pattern, or dress up plain luggage with ribbons, stickers, or even basic embroidery. This can help ensure that the right traveler picks up the right luggage, while also helping to make a generic piece of luggage personalized.

Sleeping bags may be necessary weekend luggage.
Sleeping bags may be necessary weekend luggage.

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