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How Do I Choose the Best Leisure Luggage?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

Choosing the best leisure luggage is a result of determining what features you need or want in luggage and finding luggage with those features. When buying leisure luggage, consider how you intend to travel, what items you want to pack into the luggage and the most comfortable way to carry or transport your luggage. All of these factors will help steer you in the right direction for a purchase.

Determine what kind of leisure luggage you need. It can come in the form of suitcases, but it also can be sold as duffel bags and other types of travel bags, including laptop cases. There is a style of luggage for each type of item that you need to transport from one location to another.

Suitcases that have wheels are easier to transport.
Suitcases that have wheels are easier to transport.

Consider how much luggage you need. The best type of leisure luggage is that which can accommodate your specific needs but has additional pieces available if you need to add to your set. Expandable luggage sets will give you the ability to add matching luggage pieces, should your needs increase by occasion or as time passes.

Look for luggage with convenient features. If you are a traveler who is interested in having fun on his or her vacation, you probably will want to make your traveling experience as easy as possible. Leisure luggage that has sturdy handles or straps can make transporting your luggage simple. Straps usually are used with duffel bags or other types of soft bags, and hard handles can be found on large cases that have wheels.

Soft luggage is able to expand to fit more items.
Soft luggage is able to expand to fit more items.

Wheels are another features that you might look for in leisure luggage. They can provide you with the means to move your luggage quickly and with ease. Wheels can come in especially handy if you often travel through airports, where the movement of language across great distances might be necessary. In-line wheels or wheels that can spin might be available and will make movement much smoother.

You might find it beneficial to buy some luggage that gives you more than one way to carry it. Some luggage bags have extra handles or straps on their sides and tops. They might also have push-button handling systems that lock into place. Collapsible handles can be an advantage for the traveler who wants to save space. Extra compartments located on the luggage's exterior can give you more space to store your items as you travel with them and will provide easy access to items that you otherwise would have to carry in separate bags.

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I've always loved those movies and television shows where rich, privileged people would travel around Europe with huge suitcases and boxes and all sorts of fancy luggage. I have to admit, though, that when I am an international traveler my luggage is as simple as possible. I usually just bring a small piece of luggage, like a book bag, when I'm going for a few days. This summer I went home for 6 weeks and all I brought was a back pack and a small duffel bag. As much as I admire fancy luggage, I just don't have to budget for it if I actually want to travel, too.


@seag47 – I had the same idea as you. I was tired of sifting through a sea of brown and black suitcases. So, I got some black and white zebra stripe luggage.

I have had several children comment on how cool it is. I have gotten a few strange looks from coworkers traveling with me, but I spend a lot less time looking for my belongings than they do.

I haven't even bothered to get a luggage tag, because I have never seen another zebra patterned suitcase anywhere. No one dares steal it, because it is so easily identifiable.


It seems that whenever I travel, I end up bringing back several breakable souvenirs. Rather than having to wrap them in layers of clothing and hope for the best, I invested in hard sided luggage.

With my old soft suitcase, I was always afraid that something would fall on it and cause my souvenirs to shatter. Now, all I have to do is place them in the middle of the folded clothes, which provide plenty of cushioning.

I love going shopping at the ocean for trinkets made of seashells. With my new leisure luggage, I can rest easy that I won't lose my new baubles on the way home.


I have had luggage stolen at an airport before, so I wanted to get some that could be obviously identified as mine. So, I bought some black and white polka dot luggage.

The leisure luggage set came with two duffel bags that attach by velcro to a giant compartmentalized bag that holds the bulk of my stuff. I use the smaller bags for packing snacks, important papers, and souvenirs.

I have yet to see anyone else at the airport with this style of luggage. Yes, the pattern is different, but the overall design is unique, too. I like the way the three bags stick together.

If I ever have to describe my missing bag to airport staff, it is so easy. I think it makes them happy to know that they won't be searching for a needle in a haystack.


After my first trip far away from home with nothing but a big duffel bag, I vowed to get some leisure luggage with compartments. I had packed for a full week, and every time I wanted to find anything, I had to dig. It was so frustrating!

The day after I got back home, I went shopping for luggage. I found a big suitcase with several compartments on the inside of the lid for things like toothbrushes and shampoo bottles. It was so beautiful to me!

I knew I had to have this suitcase. It was a bit on the pricey side, but the amount of stress it would eliminate on my next trip would be well worth it.

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    • Suitcases that have wheels are easier to transport.
      By: Africa Studio
      Suitcases that have wheels are easier to transport.
    • Soft luggage is able to expand to fit more items.
      By: vladimirkim3722
      Soft luggage is able to expand to fit more items.