How Do I Choose the Best Business Luggage?

B. Miller
B. Miller
Business luggage should be able to conform to airline regulations.
Business luggage should be able to conform to airline regulations.

When choosing business luggage, you will want to choose luggage that is durable, light, and easy to carry and pack. This is because business luggage is often used for frequent trips, so it needs to be able to withstand regular use without the zippers coming apart or holes ripping in the fabric. Also, people rarely need to pack a lot for a business trip, so medium sized luggage is often a better bet because it is easier to carry on trains or planes as well as load into rental cars, and may be lighter to walk around with.

One of the best ways to find durable business luggage is to look at the manufacturer's warranty that the company offers. A long warranty will coincide with durable luggage, whereas a shorter warranty could indicate lesser quality manufacturing. It may not be necessary to buy the most expensive luggage to get a longer warranty, either; there are plenty of quality mid-priced options available that are well made.

In addition, choosing a durable nylon or leather luggage set is often a good bet for most business travelers. This is because they are often both sturdy and light. Only those who travel with expensive electronics items that could be damaged if crushed -- such as photography equipment -- will usually find that hard plastic luggage is a better bet. Plastic luggage is sturdy and secure for business travel, but it's also unwieldy and heavy. The best business luggage is luggage that is light and easy to carry.

There are some types of luggage specifically designed to be lightweight and easy to carry. An individual who will be toting the luggage around, rather than leaving it in a hotel or rental car, might want to specifically look for this type, with comfortable straps or rolling wheels. It is also a good idea to purchase business luggage of a smaller size. First, because it is going to be lighter to carry and encourages bringing fewer unnecessary items.

Also, however, smaller luggage may be easier to get on and off of a plane. Selecting a bag that will fit into an overhead compartment will ensure that you do not need to check the bag, which will save a great deal of time at the airport and ensure your luggage doesn't get lost. This is helpful no matter which mode of transportation you're using, whether you are driving yourself or are taking a train or plane. Durable, lightweight, midsized luggage is the best choice for many types of business travel.

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    • Business luggage should be able to conform to airline regulations.
      By: Pavel Losevsky
      Business luggage should be able to conform to airline regulations.