What Are the Different Types of Travel Handbags?

Lauren Romano
Lauren Romano
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

From the small theft-proof bag to one that can handle being tossed around, there are so many types of travel handbags on the market that it can be difficult to know which one to choose. When going on a quick business trip, some may find it easy to just use a laptop organizer bag. A security purse is ideal when traveling to a high-crime area or a big city. A carry-on is useful for almost any type of travel while a duffel bag is best for those who who want something that's rugged. Carefully considering each aspect of the trip beforehand can help with choosing which bag is best.

The primary use of a laptop organizer bag is to protect a laptop computer while it's being carried from one location to another. Although the laptop takes up the majority of the space, some are large enough that toiletries and a few pieces of clothing can also fit. The combination of extra-sturdy materials designed specifically to protect a laptop along with spare room for travel items makes this one of the best types of travel handbags for someone taking a short business trip.

Although travel handbags are typically thought of as what someone would carry all their travel items in, a security bag can accompany the main travel bag. The strap of the security bag hangs on the shoulder while the bag itself sits under the arm or down at the side. Security features, some of which include tamper-proof zippers, slash-proof straps, adjustable straps and built-in stainless steel mesh, are designed as part of the bag. The features help prevent criminals from stealing the purse or from pickpocketing.

Many are familiar with using a carry-on when traveling by airplane, but it's one of those travel handbags that's also useful when going by almost any other mode of transportation. It typically comes with an adjustable strap and one or two outer compartments. The inside of the carry-on usually has one main section as well as smaller sections and pockets.

A duffel bag usually has a simple design comprised of one large inside section, a couple of pockets on the outside and inside of the bag, and an outside compartment on either end of the bag. They come with two small handles and one long adjustable, removable shoulder strap. Typically made from reinforced nylon, duffel bags are usually durable enough to get tossed around without accidentally ripping. However, due to its pliable exterior, the bag is not ideal for carrying breakables.

Before leaving on a trip, consider which bag is the easiest to carry, what the destination area is like, and what items are going into the bag in order to decide which of the travel handbags is best. Carry-ons are usually ideal for most standard trips while duffel bags are best for someone who isn't carrying breakables and doesn't want to worry about tossing a bag around and having it rip or get dirty. A security bag is useful for those who want a separate bag to carry around in a large city or high-crime area where purse snatching and pickpocketing is prevalent.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip