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What Is Fashion Luggage?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

Fashion luggage is luggage that is designed with aesthetics in mind. It is not merely used to carry and transport belongings, but also reflects the personal style of the person who owns it. In some cases, fashion luggage is simply designed in attractive colors, patterns, and materials. In other cases, the luggage is in fact part of a designer's product line and may bear the logo or symbol of this designer. Luggage designed with aesthetic appeal can range in price, with some pieces and sets being very expensive and others more moderate in cost.

For some people, luggage choice is primarily a matter of utility. They are most concerned with purchasing luggage that is large enough to accommodate the amount of clothing and other belongings that they usually take with them while traveling. They may also be concerned with the ability of the luggage to protect the items with which they are packed. On the other hand, some people want their luggage to make a fashion statement and to complement their own personal style.

Expensive fashion luggage may or may not be handled with care.
Expensive fashion luggage may or may not be handled with care.

When choosing fashion luggage, many people are concerned about the color and design of the luggage. In some cases, they may want the look of their luggage to match their typical outerwear as well as any handbags they commonly wear in public. In other cases, a person may choose fashion luggage that is very brightly colored or patterned so that it is easy to distinguish from that of others when the luggage is transported on a baggage carousel.

The question of designer luggage is one that shoppers will have to decide for themselves. While it may seem like an affectation to buy a line of luggage that is part of a designer range, for some people this sort of status symbol is important. In some cases, this luggage may also be of extremely high quality, which is often appreciated by people who often travel long distances.

Other considerations when buying fashion luggage are often whether the luggage is actually of decent quality and will serve a purpose other than enhancing the user's public image. Individuals who travel frequently are generally also concerned about the way the luggage is organized and whether it is suited to their own needs. For example, people who are concerned about the way their luggage looks will probably want to buy a matching luggage set. These shoppers may want to pay attention to the types of pieces that come in a luggage set so they can determine whether it will actually meet their travel needs.

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I also like my luggage to stand out and bought a fashion luggage set, but have been disappointed in the quality. The first time I used this set, the wheels broke on the big suitcase.

I have cheap luggage sets that I have used for years and have never had something like this happen. I know you can buy replacement wheels, but I was pretty disappointed when this happened the first time I used it.

If you are buying fashion luggage, or any kind of luggage for that matter, I would make sure you have some kind of guarantee so if it doesn't hold up very well, you can get your money back.


When you have someone on your gift list that is hard to buy for, you might want to consider buying them some fashionable luggage. This is something that many people won't indulge in for themselves, but really enjoy.

I bought a set for my mom when she started doing a lot of traveling after she retired. This is a complete set with many matching pieces that was the perfect gift for someone who has everything.


I don't know if my luggage would be considered fashion luggage, but I like to buy luggage that doesn't look like what everyone else has.

If you notice, most of the luggage people use when they travel is black. When I go to claim my luggage, I want to immediately know it is mine and not have to wonder because it looks like all the other black luggage.

I have a set of polka dot luggage that I just love and I never have to worry that someone else will mistake it for their luggage. This is not designer luggage, but for me, it fits the description of what fashion luggage might look like.


I see myself as being pretty practical when it comes to luggage. I received a nice set of luggage from my parents when I graduated from high school. I still have that set and even though it would be regarded as old fashioned luggage today, it has stood the test of time.

I will use this luggage when we go camping and don't have to worry about what will happen to it if it gets wet and dirty. I haven't used it when traveling on an airplane for a long time, but one thing is for sure, it would sure stick out on the baggage carousel.

Buying fashion luggage is never something that is very important to me. I am more concerned about luggage that will hold up for a long time and not so much what the brand name is.

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    • Expensive fashion luggage may or may not be handled with care.
      By: varandah
      Expensive fashion luggage may or may not be handled with care.