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What Are the Pros and Cons of Custom Luggage?

Jeri Sullivan
Jeri Sullivan

Custom luggage is luggage that is tailored especially for a particular person. It may be constructed with a specific color or pattern, monogrammed, or made of unique materials. The pros of custom pieces include the ability to easily identify the luggage in a crowded place, making a distinct fashion statement, and having luggage designed for one's specific needs. The cons of custom pieces include cost, difficulty for repair, and difficulty in adding to the collection.

The biggest advantage in having custom luggage is the ability to quickly find a specific piece of luggage when traveling. Since the luggage will be different than all of the other luggage coming down the conveyor belt, there should be time savings when waiting for the luggage to make its way through baggage check. Instead of searching every single black piece of luggage that comes by to determine if it is the correct one, custom luggage owners know immediately which one is theirs.

Expensive custom luggage may or may not be handled with care.
Expensive custom luggage may or may not be handled with care.

For many people, custom luggage also provides a way to present their unique fashion style. Breaking from the traditional plain dark luggage lets them express themselves in a different way. Whether it is using a wild fabric, neon color, or even something other than the normal rectangular shape, custom pieces are a reflection of the owner.

Another positive aspect of owning custom pieces is function. When designing a custom piece, the owner can work with the manufacturer to ensure the piece meets his exact specifications. For example, if the owner travels with a lot of electronics, his luggage may have compartments designed for additional cords, chargers, or headphones. A person who travels with jewelry may want a false bottom designed into her luggage so the jewelry will not be visible if the luggage is opened.

Though there are many positive reasons to own custom luggage, there are also some drawbacks. The single largest drawback is cost. Standard luggage is readily available at a wide variety of discount and department stores and can cost as little at $20 US Dollars (USD) for a carry-on piece. Custom luggage, on the other hand, can run well over $1,000 USD for a single piece which makes owning an entire set quite expensive.

In addition to the initial cost for custom pieces, if the luggage ever gets damaged, there may be difficulty in getting it repaired. Custom manufacturers do typically provide a warranty but if the damage was not due to a manufacturing defect or the warranty has expired, the piece may be cost prohibitive to repair. Also with custom pieces, a regular repair shop may not be willing to work on repairs so there may be a longer overall repair time since the owner will need to take it back to the original seller and have the repair scheduled.

Custom pieces often use one-of-a-kind materials in their construction so if the owner later decides to add to his collection, it may be hard to do so. Many custom luggage manufactures suggest a full set be purchased at one time to prevent the issue of later having trouble finding the same materials, but due to cost it may not be feasible. Even if the owner originally purchased a full set, lost luggage does sometimes occur so replacing custom luggage is harder.

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    • Expensive custom luggage may or may not be handled with care.
      By: varandah
      Expensive custom luggage may or may not be handled with care.