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What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Small Luggage?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

Small luggage offers a number of financial benefits. This type of baggage is usually less expensive to purchase and it may prevent the need to pay baggage fees when traveling on aircraft. Small luggage is also easier to handle when traveling with small children. There are drawbacks, however, such as limited space for possessions and higher risks of loss.

The obvious drawback of small luggage is that it limits that amount of belongings that an individual can carry. People who need to transport a lot of items will either have to do without some things or they will need a number of small pieces of luggage, which can be more burdensome than a single large bag. Furthermore, larger pieces of luggage are more expensive to purchase so one motive for buying smaller items is to save money. If multiple small pieces of luggage are needed, the savings will be offset.

Using small luggage is a way to avoid having to check a bag.
Using small luggage is a way to avoid having to check a bag.

Individuals traveling on airplanes may benefit from using small luggage. Many airline companies have policies that require passengers to pay for checked baggage, but carry-on baggage is permitted at no charge. Only smaller luggage can be carried onto an aircraft and if a person limits herself to a single piece, she may avoid the additional charges.

Small luggage is also a benefit when engaging in group travel in a vehicle. If several adults are traveling together and each has large baggage, a substantial amount of space is likely to be required. This could result in the need to drive an additional vehicle or to drive a large, less fuel efficient vehicle solely to accommodate the luggage. If some or all of the individuals use small baggage, these additional expenses can be avoided.

Carrying small luggage is often much easier, especially when it has wheels. This can be very helpful to parents who travel with children and who may have difficulty handling large, bulky baggage at the same time. In many cases, when multiple pieces of luggage will be used during family travel, selecting smaller items can be helpful because young children can handle their own baggage.

A problem with small luggage, however, is that it is much easier to lose. It can be placed in an adjacent seat or pushed under a table in a public place and may easily be forgotten. Also, smaller luggage tends to be easier for individuals to steal and to conceal. With larger items, this risk is reduced because a thief will have more difficulty taking them without being noticed and moving quickly through a crowd with them.

The ease of concealing small luggage is also a benefit, however. When these items are not in use, they are much easier to store than larger pieces of luggage. This can be very important for people with limited amounts of space, such as those who live in studio apartments or who share dorms.

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    • Using small luggage is a way to avoid having to check a bag.
      By: varandah
      Using small luggage is a way to avoid having to check a bag.