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How Do I Choose the Best Children's Luggage?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

When choosing children's luggage it is important to consider the primary use of the luggage, the preferences of the child and whether the child would be better off with a set rather than just one piece. Some children travel frequently and may require luggage of higher quality than children who only occasionally go away for weekend sleep-overs. Children may also be concerned with the appearance of their luggage, so it is a good idea to get a child's input before selecting one or more pieces.

The amount and type of traveling that a child does is an important consideration in selecting children's luggage. If the child is going to use his luggage primarily for the occasional weekend trip to visit friends and family, and these trips will be primarily made by car, the sturdiness of the luggage is not as important as it is for children who regularly engage in airline travel. In the latter case, it is important that the luggage be sturdy enough to withstand the abuse it will undergo as it is processed through airports.

Expensive luggage may or may not be handled with care.
Expensive luggage may or may not be handled with care.

Another consideration in children's luggage is the style. While there are a number of cute children's luggage sets, as a child grows older he may no longer want to carry luggage designed for a younger child. If you plan to purchase a relatively expensive set for a child, it may be wiser to choose luggage that is neutral in appearance rather than a set imprinted with superheroes or other characters from children's television shows or movies.

The size and amount of children's luggage that you purchase also depends on the needs of the child. If a child primarily takes only short trips, a small roller bag or tote may be the best option for the child. Children who go away for long periods of time, perhaps to boarding school, summer camp or to visit a non-custodial parent, on the other hand, may need a relatively large set of luggage to accommodate the clothing and personal items needed for their journey. A matching set of luggage not only looks nice but can also be less expensive than purchasing individual pieces.

If a child will be traveling by plane on a regular basis, choosing luggage in bright or unusual colors and patterns can be helpful when the child or the adults picking him up need to identify his luggage as it comes through the baggage carousel. Another option is to purchase a set of monogrammed children's luggage. While this latter option can be expensive, many children, particularly teenagers, may appreciate the thoughtfulness of such a gift.

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@indigomoth - Well, I think that's a pretty good idea, since kids like to think their stuff is just for them.

But, also since it's nearly impossible to find luggage if it's just plain black or brown or red. I actually used paints on my mother's bag, just because there were always four bags just like it on the carousal and the last thing you want after a long flight is a bunch of trouble finding your luggage.

Another thing you can do is loop a few hair ties around the handle of the suitcases, if you are packing in a hurry and need to be able to identify your bag. They won't get in the way and if you pick some bright ones they are easy to spot. Make sure your kids know what you've done and they'll spot them even quicker than you can.


@pleonasm - One good way to divert them from something they might grow out of is to get something in the same theme, but different.

Say they really love the Little Mermaid. Instead of getting a set with cartoons all over it, try to get a set with general fish or ocean scenes on it.

If you can't find luggage for kids that has what you want on it as a decoration, try putting stickers on it instead. That might be more fun for your child anyway, and they can feel like they are customizing the bags.

And in that case they can pick whatever they want as you'll be able to peel it off if they grow out of it.


A lot of the time if a child is having to travel it's not under pleasant circumstances. They might be traveling between separated parents, for example, which isn't going to be much fun for them.

I'm not saying you should bribe your kids, of course, but a set of kids luggage that they really love can help at least a little bit.

When you think about it, the luggage and possibly a few things they cart back and forth are going to be their only constant. Usually kids of broken homes end up with two sets of everything, because it's just easier that way.

You definitely want to steer them away from something that they might not want when they are older, but there are ways to do that. And that way they can keep a constant in their lives, even if it's only the bags they use. Something they know is really theirs.

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    • Expensive luggage may or may not be handled with care.
      By: varandah
      Expensive luggage may or may not be handled with care.