What Are the Different Types of Luggage Accessories?

Alex Tree

Luggage accessories are available and used around the world for a number of reasons. Stickers and tags are applied to luggage for decoration or identification. Luggage straps are for the traveler’s comfort and are sometimes removable. In addition, hand-held scales can be attached to a luggage container to determine its weight, and special locks are used to keep out mischief makers while still allowing access to airport security.

Normal luggage locks may be cut off by TSA agents, but special combination locks are widely available.
Normal luggage locks may be cut off by TSA agents, but special combination locks are widely available.

Stickers can be used to personalize bags for fun or function. Travelers use these luggage accessories to describe personal interests, such as golfing or dogs, or advertise where they have traveled. Other people use stickers as a way of identifying their checked baggage quickly. Large luggage stickers are occasionally used with a humorous goal, like making a bag appear ripped open to expose illegal substances.

Straps are used to carry luggage, typically by supporting the bag on the shoulder. Some pieces of luggage have a strap that cannot be removed, but other bags have parts specifically meant to attach a strap. These straps are generally available in a wide variety of durability and quality. In fact, some straps have rubber contact points designed for comfort, and others have adjustable lengths.

Among the most popular luggage accessories are luggage tags. These tags are usually made from a sturdy and brightly colored material and have lines to write a name, address, and phone number. They help people easily spot their own luggage on airport carousels, in addition to providing airport employees with owner information should the bag become misplaced. These accessories are varied in style; for example, a traveler might have a subdued leather-bound luggage tag or a neon yellow bumblebee tag.

Hand-held digital luggage scales help avoid charges for overweight bags. These luggage accessories are small, portable, and designed for people who regularly use air travel. A quality device rarely misjudges the luggage by more than a half pound (0.2 kg). Even a relatively expensive scale can pay for itself if routinely used to avoid extra baggage fees.

Locks, in both key and combination form, are available for people who want to secure their luggage from others. For air travel within the United States, for example, special travel locks are available that allow security to inspect baggage without cutting the locks. Lockable wire mesh luggage protection is available for people who want more than a small padlock on their bags.

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