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How Do I Choose the Best Luggage Tag?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

Try to a select luggage tag that is unique enough that you can easily identify your bags, but do not choose any that may reflect poorly on your professionalism if you will be traveling on business. Make sure the items that you choose are sturdy and the means of connecting them to your bags is durable. Stay away from personalized tags unless you think your contact information will remain the same. Also avoid making choices that you foresee being offensive to individuals who have to handle your baggage.

Luggage tags are technically tools that provide information about you in the event that your bags get lost or stolen. This does not mean that you cannot or should not use them for other purposes, such as making your luggage more identifiable. This is especially helpful if you have plain luggage that can easily be confused with that of other travelers. To make your traveling experience easier, choose a bright or unique style of luggage tags.

A unique luggage tag can help to make your bag easier to pick out among others.
A unique luggage tag can help to make your bag easier to pick out among others.

The wide variety of luggage tags that are available on the market indicate that these small items are used to express personality and style. Considering this, you may want to think about the situations in which you will be using them before making a choice. If you will be traveling with colleagues or you will travel on business and interact with clients coming from or en route, you want to choose luggage tags that will not jeopardize your professional image. If you also do a lot of leisure traveling and you would like something more lighthearted or trendy, you may want to buy two sets.

Do not make your selection based solely on style and preference. Make sure that you are buying items that are functional. This generally excludes any luggage tag that is made out of paper or other flimsy, fragile materials. These are likely to get damaged or lost, which defeats the purpose of getting them in the first place. You also need to pay attention to the way that the luggage tag will connect to your bags to avoid them from becoming detached.

You may have the choice between personalized luggage tags and those where you provide your details. Personalized tags tend to look more professional and sophisticated, but they are also more expensive. If any of your information is likely to change in the near future, you may want to avoid this option. You may also want to consider keeping your information as private as possible by selecting tags that have covers that must be opened to access your contact details.

Though it may seem minor, you should also think of where you will be traveling to. Avoid choosing a luggage tag that may be culturally, religiously, or otherwise offensive to those who have to handle your baggage. Inciting individuals who are responsible for the care of your belongings when they are out of your eyesight is not the best idea.

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    • A unique luggage tag can help to make your bag easier to pick out among others.
      By: varandah
      A unique luggage tag can help to make your bag easier to pick out among others.