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How Do I Choose the Best Wardrobe Set?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Before choosing a wardrobe set, you will need to carefully measure the room in which the set pieces will be placed to ensure you have enough space. The set will come with two or more pieces of furniture, and the sizes and shapes of those pieces will vary according to the type of set you buy. Consider how many items you need to store, and how much available space you have in the room, before settling on purchasing a particular wardrobe set, and remember that larger sets will often cost more money, so it is a good idea to determine your budget beforehand.

Try to choose a wardrobe set that offers wardrobes in varying sizes. A tallboy wardrobe, for example, is best for storing longer garments. It will also have a smaller footprint for rooms with less free space. A shorter wardrobe with shelves or drawers will be great for storing garments that can be folded, as well as for socks, underwear, and shoes. The wardrobe set may even feature a small nightstand that has one or two drawers for additional storage. The best way to choose a wardrobe set is to pick the one that gives you the most storage options for different types of clothing and other items.

Cedar-lined wardrobes help protect clothes.
Cedar-lined wardrobes help protect clothes.

Consider the type of materials used to construct the wardrobe set as well. Wooden wardrobes are the most common, and the different types of wood used to construct the wardrobes will have an impact both on aesthetics and durability. Some woods will be far more expensive than others as well; pine will probably be the least expensive wood, while naturally beautiful woods and woods that are naturally resistant to water damage will cost more. Cedar, teak, oak, and mahogany are examples of woods that are likely to be more expensive.

Check the construction of each wardrobe piece to ensure it is stable and well-built. Take a close look at all joints to make sure they are solid, and try to jostle the unit slightly to see if it wobbles or creaks. These may be signs of poor craftsmanship or damage to the wardrobe unit. Take a good look at the feet of the wardrobe units as well and make sure they are somehow protected to prevent scratching on hardwood floors. Some wardrobes feature feet with rubber coatings to both prevent scratching and to improve grip and traction on hardwood floors or other hard surfaces.

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    • Cedar-lined wardrobes help protect clothes.
      By: junej
      Cedar-lined wardrobes help protect clothes.