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How Do I Organize a Wardrobe Interior?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Organizing a wardrobe interior will depend not only on the type of storage but also on the clothing and accessories you have. The most efficient way to organize the inside of a wardrobe is to have everything you need within easy reach. It's best to store off-season clothing and accessories elsewhere and save the wardrobe only for the items you're currently wearing. In this way, organizing a wardrobe interior should be fairly simple and let you see at a glance the clothing and accessories you have clean and ready to wear.

If you don't already have a double rail in your wardrobe, you may want to install one to allow you to hang twice as many tops or bottoms in the same area. Some wardrobes have drawers underneath the hanging space for a single row of clothes. If you have a single rail plus a drawer in the wardrobe interior, or a row of drawers elsewhere in the unit, organizing your items can be made easier with dividers.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

You can organize the clothing in your drawers by adding divider sections to keep everything neat and in place. There are sock organizers as well as small trays to use for jewelry and accessories. If you wish, you may want to place labels on the outside of the drawers that list their contents.

To add drawer space to a plainer wardrobe, consider buying a self-standing unit. These are available in different sizes, such as large to sit on the floor or small to place on a shelf. A self-standing drawer unit, whether in wire, plastic or wood products, can make otherwise wasted space in a wardrobe interior store many items neatly. Larger drawer units are a great place to store folded sweaters, t-shirts and casual clothing. Jewelry, scarves and cosmetics are easy to access in smaller drawer units.

Using wardrobe accessories can maximize interior storage. Place ties and belts on racks designed for the purpose. Add hooks on wardrobe interior walls to hold items you're currently using such as a bag or scarf.

If your wardrobe doesn't have shelves or a rack for shoes, you can add a separate one on the floor. Your organizational goal should be to create a wardrobe system that allows you to get dressed easily and efficiently. When seasons change, you can replace your clothing and accessories within the system you've already created for organizing your wardrobe's interior.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book