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How Do I Choose the Best Oak Wardrobe?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Oak is a popular material for furniture because it is naturally beautiful and quite strong; it does tend to be fairly expensive, so if you are considering purchasing an oak wardrobe, you will need to start by researching prices of the units and deciding what your budget is. Larger oak wardrobe units are likely to be more expensive, and antique wardrobes will be even more expensive. Once you have determined your budget, think about what size wardrobe you need to fit all the items you want to store, and be sure to measure the room in which the wardrobe will be placed to ensure there is adequate space for it.

Like other types of wardrobes, an oak wardrobe can feature shelves, drawers, mirrors, or none of these items at all. You will need to determine what you will be storing in the oak wardrobe and how you will be storing it before considering purchasing a unit. Most wardrobes feature a rod for hanging clothing, and this should be a solid, strong rod, preferably made of metal for added support. Shelves should be fixed solid in the unit, and drawers should slide in and out easily. The drawers can be placed inside the wardrobe, or they can be positioned below the cabinet portion of the wardrobe to increase usable storage space.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

You will want to research oak carefully to find out as much as possible about its appearance, durability, and cost. Take note of the common colors of oak — the color can change depending on how the wood is finished with different stains or sealants — and choose what finish you would like best for your unit. The grain of the wood should be featured prominently on any oak wardrobe you choose, as this is one of the primary outlets for the wood's natural beauty. Research how to properly care for the wood as well to ensure it lasts a long time.

Oak can be quite heavy, so take this into consideration before purchasing an exceptionally large unit. If you will be placing the oak wardrobe in an upstairs bedroom, you may have difficulty moving the unit into the home, so this may play a part in helping you decide how large of a unit you want to buy. Most oak wardrobes are pre-assembled for stability and durability, so it will be difficult to find a unit that can be broken down for easy transport.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book