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What are the Different Types of Fitted Furniture?

Gregory Hanson
Gregory Hanson

Fitted furniture is constructed to fit within the dimensions of a given space and is often either attached to or built into the building. This kind of furniture is generally more expensive than ordinary furniture, but makes better use of available space and brings a more polished, finished, and elegant look to a room. Kitchens frequently use fitted furniture, as do bathrooms, as the efficient use of space is a priority in both of these areas. Bedrooms and living spaces can also benefit from the inclusion of fitted furniture, whether in the form of build-in bookcases or Murphy beds.

Kitchen workspace is an area about which many homeowners have strong feelings. While mass-produced, contractor-grade cabinets work well enough, and are inexpensive, many homeowners elect to purchase fitted furniture instead. Kitchen cabinets are often fabricated to make the best use of available space given the particular cooking style of a given homeowner. Other common kitchen items may be built as fitted furniture as well, such as built-in dining areas, miniature office spaces, and breakfast bar areas.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Bathroom design preferences vary just about as widely as tastes in kitchens, so fitted furniture sees a great deal of use in bathrooms as well. Fitted cabinets allow storage space to be maximized. Vanities custom-built as fitted furniture also allow for the perfect combination of utility and style, although again, at a greater price.

In a bedroom, such furniture may take the form of built-in beds. A Murphy bed, which folds up into the wall when not in use, is an excellent choice for very small spaces or for rooms that will only rarely serve as bedrooms. A closet system may be built for the available space. These systems offer the best possible use of space, and also ensure maximum efficiency in personal organization. In a bedroom without a closet, a fitted wardrobe may be used to provide necessary storage space.

Ordinary living spaces can make use of this type of furniture as well. Most homes contain at least a few bookcases. Bookcases can be constructed as fitted furniture and built specifically for or sometimes into a particular space. Walls of built-in, dark oak bookcases lend a certain elegance to any space of which they are a part. Entertainment systems too are often constructed in this fashion with special spaces designed to house components, speakers, and screens, all carefully designed to maximize both the efficient use of space and visual appeal.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip