What are the Advantages of Cedar Furniture?

Dan Cavallari

As a building material, cedar is a great choice for both indoor and outdoor applications because of its natural resistance to moisture damage as well as its natural beauty. Cedar furniture is therefore a great choice for home decor, both inside the house and outside, because it will be rugged and durable enough to resist damage from moisture, bug infestations, mold, and mildew. Cedar also features an aesthetic appeal that can complement any home's decor. Cedar furniture will also feature the distinct cedar aroma that will last for years, and when built into closets and dressers, cedar can help prevent bug infestations without the use of more hazardous chemicals such as moth balls.

Cedar-lined closets help protect clothes from moths.
Cedar-lined closets help protect clothes from moths.

Outdoor furniture and structures are often built from cedar because of its resistance to water damage. Outdoor cedar furniture will take advantage of the oils in cedar that prevent bugs from infesting the wood and water from warping, cracking, or rotting the cedar furniture. While cedar does tend to be more expensive than other woods, its benefits often make up for the price difference, especially when one considers the aesthetic appeal of cedar as opposed to pressure-treated lumber that can often take on a green hue that must be stained or painted. Cedar's water and bug resistance is natural, meaning no chemicals need to be applied to the wood.

Entertainment centers may be made from cedar.
Entertainment centers may be made from cedar.

Cedar furniture inside the home can add a touch of class and elegance to the room's decor. Cedar furniture can be made in the rustic style or in more modern designs, making it a versatile choice. The natural scent of cedar makes it a popular choice for adding another pleasant element to a room, though with furniture pieces, the scent will not be too overwhelming. Cedar is a fairly lightweight wood, as it is more porous than other hardwoods commonly used for furniture, so moving the furniture around the house may be easier.

Cedar closets can be built entirely from cedar or simply with cedar paneling. Many people choose to build cedar closets in their homes because the natural oils will help keep bugs at bay when clothing is stored inside the closet. The structure itself must be enclosed fairly tightly, or clothing should be stored in plastic tubs while inside the closet to truly prevent bug infestations. This method is safer and more environmentally friendly than using toxic moth balls to deter bug infestation.

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