What are Cedar Playhouses?

S. Mithra
S. Mithra
A cedar playhouse can be built to match an exisiting pergola.
A cedar playhouse can be built to match an exisiting pergola.

Cedar playhouses are sophisticated, weather resistant structures designed to unlock your children's imagination. These playhouses are made out of Western Red Cedar because it is decorative, durable, and ideal for outdoor applications. Cedar playhouses blend into your other outdoor accessories yet give children a world of their own.

You can order most cedar playhouses as kits. They are easy to assemble yourself with the enclosed instructions. Choose a flat, dry section of your backyard. Many parents are amazed at how stylish and detailed cedar playhouses look with their plank floors, roof shingles, and window shutters. They resemble miniature cabins, elegant enough for adults but sized for kids. Children will be delighted with their covered porch, mailbox, plexiglass windowpanes, and even real fabric curtains.

Playhouses made from cedar offer one of the best choices of lumber for the backyard. Cedar is naturally weather resistant, so your playhouse withstands sun, rain, snow, and still looks magnificent. Cedar's scent also repels insects and other damaging infestations, so it doesn't need to be treated with chemicals that might harm your children. Over time, cedar ages to a beautiful, burnished silver color.

The intricate designs of cedar playhouses will astound you. No longer must children play in a square shack with one cutout window. Cedar playhouses have wood chimneys, door trim, attics with pull-down ladders, window boxes, and even built-in furniture like seats and tables. You can even select a certain style of playhouse, such as a Cape Cod bungalow, Victorian manor, or farmhouse.

Whimsical or classical cedar playhouses will add to the beauty of any backyard. They can be integrated into other permanent structures, such as a fence, gate, pergola, or even matching swing set. Try setting aside one corner of the garden just for your children. Plant flowers that attract birds and butterflies. Set up a porch or patio with small rocking chairs and benches where your children can enjoy popsicles on a clear, summer day.

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    • A cedar playhouse can be built to match an exisiting pergola.
      A cedar playhouse can be built to match an exisiting pergola.