How Do I Choose the Best plus Size Girls' Clothing?

Britt Archer

Clothing manufacturers realize that people come in all shapes and sizes, regardless of age. From young to old and everything in between, finding clothes that both fit your frame and flatter your figure is a challenge in and of itself. This is particularly true of plus size clothing, which can vary significantly from its average-sized counterparts. Choosing plus size girls' clothing requires finding the correct fit and size as well as choosing age-appropriate pieces that boost your child's self-esteem.

Plus size clothing is available in many stores and online.
Plus size clothing is available in many stores and online.

Parents and others who shop for girls’ clothes can read up on current fashions for a child's age group. Trends in junior's fashions are often different than those in women's fashions. Knowing what's currently "in" for junior's clothing can help you determine which plus size girls' clothing is stylish and which items to avoid. Choosing fashion-forward pieces encourages girls to embrace their appearance rather than feeling ashamed because they aren't wearing the same styles as their peers.

Women who wear plus size clothing may find a greater selection online or through catalogs.
Women who wear plus size clothing may find a greater selection online or through catalogs.

It will help if you take a moment to determine your child's shape. Some girls have long torsos, for example, while others have longer legs. Just because a piece is marketed as plus size girls' clothing doesn't mean it is appropriate for every plus size girl. Have your child try on a range of pieces to get a feel for what works — and doesn't work — for her individual body type.

Look for pieces that flatter her best assets when buying plus size clothing. Some clothing manufacturers simply scale up the non-plus sized items in their lines, which can lead to a less than flattering fit. This is of particular importance when shopping for plus size teenage clothing since teenage bodies are usually in a state of change. What may be flattering before a growth spurt may not be comfortable, appropriate or flattering afterward.

Shop with versatility in mind. Finding quality, fashion-forward plus size girls' clothing can be a chore that is fraught with tears. Choosing pieces that do double duty, such as a shirt that can be layered over or under other tops, means less of a search and more of a chance to experiment. A long-sleeve top layered under a tank top may look totally different than the long sleeve top on its own, for example, and allows your child to experiment with different looks for less money. Basic girls' clothing pieces can be enhanced with embellishments like rhinestones or iron-on photo transfers but also left as-is and accessorized with jewelry, bags, belts and shoes.

When it comes to buying plus size kids' clothes, it's best to choose quality over quantity.
When it comes to buying plus size kids' clothes, it's best to choose quality over quantity.

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@browncoat - I'd be worried about using a service like that, just because they often have ulterior motives. Like the hairdressers who are always trying to get you to buy their products. It's difficult to trust someone like that.

Also, I wouldn't be completely convinced they'd really know what was best for my girl. If she wants to experiment with different looks I don't want someone to tell her she can't do it and make her feel like she can't do it.

I think you are better off playing to her strengths by providing her with information. Either watch a show with her that goes into detail about how to dress well in plus size women's clothing, or get her a book. That way, she can take on what she wants, rather than feeling like a person is telling her what to do and how to look.


@irontoenail - I would also suggest, if a parent is quite concerned with style, hiring a professional shopper or stylist for a few hours can make a huge difference.

There are all kinds of things that you might not consider that can help you with your looks. And the emphasis doesn't have to be on looking a particular way. You don't have to make this anything more than a learning experience (for everyone). Try to present it as a treat rather than a criticism.

I know I would have appreciated a word or two of advice on how to look my best when I was younger. It's all stuff you can learn by trial and error, but why not make things a bit easier for your kid?

Although, again, girls can have fragile self esteem, so don't make it sound like this is to "fix" her, but just to help her out.


You really have to make sure with a plus sized girl that you aren't being too much of a slave to fashion when it comes to her clothes.

There's nothing worse than trying to follow the fashion of the day and giving her something that looks terrible on her because of her weight. I'm thinking, for example, of low riding jeans. Heavier girls will end up with whats known as a muffin top with low rider jeans and her peers won't be kind about it.

A girl who is comfortable and wearing well fitted clothes is going to be more able to make friends and be popular than one who trying to fit in and making herself miserable. (Of course, the same goes for girls of every size.)

There are plenty of resources online which detail the best looks for plus sized girls, you should try to learn a few things before you take her shopping.

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