How Do I Choose the Best plus Size Junior's Clothing?

Jessica Ellis
Jessica Ellis

Choosing plus size junior's clothes can be easy and fun. In order to choose the best plus size junior's clothes, it is important to shop at a store with a good selection, pay attention to the silhouette and fabric used, and search for clothes that flatter good features. Most importantly, shoppers should look for clothes that fit correctly and inspire self-confidence, regardless of size.

Women and juniors who wear plus size clothing may find a greater selection online or through catalogs.
Women and juniors who wear plus size clothing may find a greater selection online or through catalogs.

Not all stores are created equal. When looking for plus size junior's clothes, it may be better to go to a store that specializes in fashionable plus sized clothing rather than waste time at an understocked department store. Good plus size stores will carry almost exclusively to plus size customers, and may be more likely to specialize in cuts and shapes that flatter voluptuous figures. If there isn't a good plus size store in the area, consider shopping online, where everything from runway fashion to vintage replicas may be available in larger sizes.

When trying on clothing, its easy to focus on the clothes themselves, rather than the silhouette created by an outfit. Look at the outline created by the body and clothing to help determine if the outfit fits attractively. Many plus size people try to appear taller to balance out their shape; look for clothing that creates an elongated silhouette to help create even proportions. Fabric choices can also be important with plus size clothing; clingy materials may accentuate bulges or ripples, while horizontal stripes can make the body look wider.

Every person in every size has both good and bad features. When shopping for plus size junior's clothing, it is important to look for clothes that emphasize a person's best features while minimizing what the shopper would rather hide. Plus size women often have beautiful shoulders, hourglass waists, and shapely calves. Plus size men may have toned legs and handsome, broad shoulders. To help minimize undesired features, look for outfits that are dark around bad features and have a pop of color near great features.

Fit is one of the most important considerations when shopping for the best plus size junior's clothes. Some people are afraid to buy the correct size because the size number seems too high to them; others prefer baggy, unfitted clothing as a way to hide their bodies. Many fashion experts agree, clothes that fit correctly look far better than too-tight or too-loose pieces, regardless of size. If finding a perfect fit is difficult, consider getting clothing altered to fit proportions exactly. Having clothing that fits well can help a person feel confident and appear neat and well-dressed.

Jessica Ellis
Jessica Ellis

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