How Do I Choose the Best plus Size Pants?

Anna T.

If you want to choose the best plus size pants, the first thing you should do is get your exact measurements. With plus size clothing, the waist size is particularly important to get right. After taking your measurements, you should visit a store to try on different pairs. It's better to shop for plus size pants at actual stores rather than online, because even if an item you look at online is in your size, there still is no guarantee it will fit correctly. You also should enter the store with a good idea of what your body shape is and what style of pants tend to complement that shape.

Women who wear plus size clothing may find a greater selection online or through catalogs.
Women who wear plus size clothing may find a greater selection online or through catalogs.

You should use a garment tape measure to get your waist and hip measurements before going shopping for plus size clothing. It's also important to measure your inseam, which is the area that extends from the hem of the bottom of a pair of pants up to the crotch area. After you have your measurements, you can give them to a salesperson at the store to get your correct size. If you would prefer not to do this, you can figure out your size yourself based on your measurements by using a size chart. Select plus size pants to try on in your size, but keep in mind that not all sizes fit the same for all brands, so you might have to replace certain pairs with sizes larger or smaller than what you normally wear while you're trying on different pairs.

Even though it may be tempting to avoid the hassle of shopping at actual stores and just order your plus size pants online, it probably is better to visit the store in person. If you order pants online, there's a chance that they either won't fit correctly or will not look flattering on you, and you might end up having to return them. Even though companies often make it as easy as possible for consumers to return items by providing return shipping labels, it still might be inconvenient to do. Trying pants on before you buy them means that you'll leave the store with a pair of pants that you probably won't have to return because you've already tried them on and know how they fit.

The best plus size pants for you should flatter your figure. If your body shape is much larger at the bottom than it is at the top, you should look for pants with a waistline that begins near the widest part of your hips. Some people are larger on top than they are at the bottom, and if this is how you are shaped, you should avoid pants with a low-rise waist and instead seek out pants that are mid-rise. Pants that have a tapered or straight leg also tend to be most flattering on people with smaller hips. Avoid fabrics that are clingy and very brightly colored when selecting pants, because these tend to detract from a plus size figure rather than accentuate its positive.

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