How Do I Choose the Best plus Size T-Shirts?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
A plus size t-shirt.
A plus size t-shirt.

Choosing the best plus size t-shirts can be made easier when you consider your body type and experiment with different styles. Spending some time trying on t-shirts in different stores and analyzing how they look on you in the changing room mirror can often give you a good understanding of the length, neckline, colors and styles that suit you best. Giant, tent-like t-shirts seldom look good on any plus-size person. Instead look for tops that skim over your body without being either too loose or overly tight.

A white cotton T-shirt.
A white cotton T-shirt.

Tight fitting t-shirts on fuller body types are typically very unflattering, as they tend to emphasize back and stomach bulges. They also may feel binding under the arms or ride up over the stomach area. Light colored tightly fitting plus size t-shirts are especially important to avoid as they are likely to accentuate back and stomach bulges the most. T-shirts that are too loose may be comfortable and hide bulges, but they also tend to make people with full figures look even larger. Loose, tent-like plus size tops also usually look sloppy and may show wrinkles in the fabric easier.

When choosing a plus size t-shirt, it's usually best to find one that gently skims your body. Cotton with a bit of stretch to it can be the best material for plus size t-shirts because of the comfort as well as the automatic fit offered by the stretchiness. A cotton plus size t-shirt that has more than 5% spandex in it or that has an allover ribbed texture may be too stretchy and clingy to look flattering on larger shapes though. Cotton t-shirts are also more porous than synthetic types, which may help reduce sweating.

While in general, dark colors tend to be more slimming to the eye than lighter ones, finding the most flattering shades for your skin tone can make the plus size t-shirts you choose more appealing. Jewel toned colors may often look as slimming as dark shades and can draw the eye up to your face. Trim at the neckline or embroidered details on the upper chest can add style to a plus size t-shirt and also help accentuate your face. Solid colored t-shirts are usually the best option for apple-shaped bodies, as horizontal stripes tend to visually increase the roundness of this body type.

Length and neckline are two important features to consider when shopping for a plus size t-shirt. V-necks tend to be the most flattering choice, as they can visually slim a full face. For many people, both plus and average size, the best t-shirt length is one in which the bottom of the shirt rests at the top of the thighs. A plus size shirt should be long enough to completely cover the stomach. If you are petite and/or have short legs, be especially careful not to choose plus size t-shirts that are too long or you may appear even heavier and shorter than you actually are.

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@umbra21 - Those people are losers. I mean that honestly and not just to make you feel better. Anyone who yells at someone in the street because they don't like the way they look has got a serious problem in their own self image and really needs to get a life.

As for plus size shirts, I personally think people should wear whatever they want. If you've got confidence in yourself that's what people will see. If you've got confidence in yourself then, frankly, it doesn't matter what other people see anyway.

Although I will say that I try to get a longer fitted shirt when I can, just because it tends to be more comfortable. Shorter ones ride up a little bit in my experience.


@Fa5t3r - That's only if you make sure that you don't have any slogans or pictures on the front of the shirt. I've had the experience of getting a plus size graphic tee through the mail and having it fit well enough, except that the front was all stretched looking and I was too embarrassed to wear it. There is such a stigma against being fat that I often get people saying mean things to me on the street without adding to the problem with something like that.


A really nice t-shirt can honestly be the best thing to wear when you're looking at plus size clothing. It's nice and simple and it can go with almost anything if you're in casual mode. Plus, since they are cotton, you can usually get something that will fit. I have a rather large chest and it can be really difficult to find anything that will fit me in that area without it being baggy elsewhere. A t-shirt will stretch without being too obvious.

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    • A plus size t-shirt.
      By: picsfive
      A plus size t-shirt.
    • A white cotton T-shirt.
      By: Kayros Studio
      A white cotton T-shirt.