How Do I Choose the Best plus Size Cover Ups?

Kelly Ferguson
Kelly Ferguson
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Many women use plus size cover ups at the beach, at pool parties, and other occasions. Cover ups provide a convenient way to easily and quickly transform from tanning and swimming to socializing without requiring a changing room. When choosing plus size cover ups to purchase or bring on vacation, it is a good idea to consider the fabric they are made of, the amount of coverage they provide, and what kind of events the cover ups will be worn to.

The best plus size cover ups are likely made out of lightweight, breezy fabrics that will be comfortable in hot weather. Cotton is one of the most commonly used fabrics in bathing suit cover ups because it is very breathable. Many women find that lighter colored fabrics are more pleasant to wear because the light colors do not absorb as much heat energy from the sun as dark colors do. More formal occasions or colder weather, however, might call for thicker or heavier fabrics in a darker color, though this is often a matter of personal preference.

Assessing the amount of coverage that plus size cover ups provide is essential to avoiding embarrassing situations and dressing appropriately for the weather. Some cover ups are just skirts that can be slipped on to cover the upper thighs, and leave most of the rest of the body and swimsuit exposed. Full dresses slip on over the swimsuit and completely cover it, offering the largest amount of coverage for cooler weather or for women who prefer to remain more clothed. Wraps and other plus size cover ups may provide coverage somewhere in the middle, but often can be worn in different styles to emphasize or cover separate areas of the body.

Vacations and parties often have a variety of settings where cover ups could be appropriate, but some places are obviously more formal or casual than others. Small cover ups with little coverage, such as the slip-on skirts, are usually mostly appropriate for poolside gatherings or beach parties. Full dresses can often pass at dinners and parties as a regular dress instead of a cover up. Other types of cover ups should be evaluated individually for appropriateness at various events or gatherings. Many times, even a simple cover up can be made into a stylish enough outfit for several situations with the tasteful addition of some accessories, shoes, or makeup.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book