How Do I Choose the Best plus Size Clothing?

Sheri Cyprus

Choosing the best plus size clothing for you should be based on your age, budget, taste and figure. Just because a clothing piece is labeled "plus size" or "full figured" doesn't necessarily mean it will be flattering on all larger body types. Before ordering plus size clothing online, it's a good idea to learn what the most flattering styles are for you by spending some time trying on clothes in person in different stores.

Women who wear plus size clothing may find a greater selection online or through catalogs.
Women who wear plus size clothing may find a greater selection online or through catalogs.

When shopping in person to find clothing that looks attractive on you, keep an open mind. Many plus size people see clothes they love the look of on the hanger, but convince themselves that they're not even worth trying on as they probably won't suit them. Yet, taking the chance and experimenting with different necklines, waistlines, sleeve lengths, colors and fits can often bring great results when trying on plus size clothing. Even if trying on clothes confirms your thought that a certain look won't suit you, this can be a guide when ordering clothing online without being able to try it on first.

By looking at the clothing options in different plus sized stores, both in person and online, you can get an understanding of what types of styles and which age groups different venues seem to be oriented toward. The colors may also vary in different stores as to which shades best suit your skin tone. Having a good overview of your shopping options for plus size clothing can help you stick to your budget as well. Also, look for sales and get to know the times that each store or online source will be likely to have them.

Avoid going for tent-like, too loose garments when choosing plus size clothes, whether in person or online. This type of plus size clothing isn't likely to flatter anyone. Instead, try to find tops and bottoms that skim your body or emphasize its good points, such as seaming that gives waist definition. Look for gently tapered pants rather than ones that are too narrow at the bottom, as these styles may make a fuller figure appear out of proportion. If you choose flattering plus size separates that can work in different combinations with your favorite accessories, the value of your wardrobe can be increased without increasing your budget.

Remember to choose age-appropriate plus size clothing. Junior plus size pieces are often cut a little smaller as well as designed with a more youthful fashion focus than standard full figure clothes. But, even if you're older, look for flattering pieces in the best fit and colors for you. Black isn't necessarily the most flattering color for all full figured people, as it may wash out some skin tones to give a tired appearance. If you find this result, it's best to wear such colors away from your face.

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