What is a Cordless Saw?

Diane Goettel
Diane Goettel

A cordless saw is a battery-operated or fuel-powered tool that does not require a power cord or electrical outlet. Cordless saws are especially useful for people who are working on outdoor projects where there may not be any source of electrical power. They are also useful for people who are working on indoor projects in spaces that have not yet been outfitted with electrical wiring or in areas where extension cords are difficult to use.

A man using a cordless saw.
A man using a cordless saw.

In the world of tools, there are literally hundreds of different kinds of saws. There are very large saws that are intended to slice through lumber, and small saws intended for detailed or intricate work. Furthermore, there are saws that are made to cut through different kinds of materials. When it comes to cordless saws, there is also a wide variety.

A chainsaw is a type of cordless saw that runs on fuel. Chainsaws are quite large and are intended for heavy-duty work such as taking the branches off of trees or even felling trees of medium size. One of the reasons that the chainsaw is the most common cordless saw is that they are very effective tools for clearing land and pruning large trees. Chainsaws are staple cordless saws for people who work in the outdoors collecting lumber, clearing trails, or readying a plot of land for construction.

While chainsaws are very powerful cordless saws, there are battery-operated and fuel-operated saws that are used for much more delicate work. Hand saws, for example, are saws that are used to cut through thin metal, plastic, wood, and drywall. With a short but sharp blade, hand saws can be used to make precise cuts and follow specific lines. Furthermore, because hand saws are small and lightweight, they can be used in small areas and get into tight corners.

There are also cordless circular saws. While circular saws are not as small and lightweight as hand saws, they are smaller than most saws that have cords. Therefore, like hand saws, cordless saws are also convenient for work in confined spaces. Also, in comparison to chainsaws and other heavy-duty saws, are easier to use when completing delicate or precise work. Cordless circular saws are usually powered by batteries. They are best used to cut through wood but can also cut tough materials like metal. However, cutting through tougher materials may drain the battery rather quickly.

One of the drawbacks to using a cordless saw is that the power supply is limited by either the batteries or the fuel in the saw. However, if you keep extra fuel and batteries for your cordless saw on hand, you can escape this problem.

Diane Goettel
Diane Goettel

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