What is a Crown Saw?

Alexis W.
Alexis W.

A crown saw is a type of saw used for cutting round holes out of material. This saw makes the task of cutting a perfectly round hole much easier than the use of a jig saw or rotary tool, because it is typically attached to the end of a power drill. The shape of a crown saw is responsible for the ease of use, as a crown saw consists of a cylindrically shaped tube, with one of its ends being cut to make saw teeth. The other end is usually at least semi-closed to provide a means for securing the saw blade to the drill head, though it usually has an opening for access in case the material being cut plugs the hollow inside of the saw attachment.

Crown saws can also be made out of different materials, which are appropriate for different uses depending on the material that needs to be cut. Some saws can be made out of aluminum, though these aren’t usually very durable since crown saws can become very hot, and aluminum isn’t a strong enough metal to be used with materials any harder than wood. Aluminum crown saws are usually an inexpensive means of cutting perfect holes in materials such as gypsum board or drywall, however. Some of the more durable crown saws, which can be used for cutting things like concrete board or fiberglass, are generally made out of heat-treated steels or different alloys that make them extremely durable and able to endure heavy usage.

Another type of crown saw is used not in industrial settings, but in medical environments. A crown saw may be used for the process of trepanning, or relieving the brain of pressure caused by swelling by removing surface area of the skull, or crown. These types of crown saws typically have a centering spike that is used to make the cut location precise and to remain stable during the cutting process.

There are many different types of crown saws, from small-use hole saw kits to large cylindrical tubes that are used in many larger applications, such as milling or large-scale production. These types of crown saws consist of elongated cylinders that are used in industrial settings, making large-scale projects much easier to complete. They are used with an industrial crown saw machine, as opposed to the small-scale crown saws which may be attached to hand-held power tools. These forms of crown saw usually have one specific purpose within the industrial setting, unlike the more versatile small-scale crown saw.

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