What is a Brick Saw?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Brick saws are cutting tools that are helpful in cutting through the body of different types of brick and masonry. Saws of this type are available as handsaws, tabletop units, and mobile units that are appropriate for use in construction jobs. In all its incarnations, the brick saw is capable of cutting bricks quickly and safely, with minimum wear on the blade.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

One of the features that allow this type of saw to work so well is the configuration of the brick saw blade. Somewhat thicker than many saw blades, the blade is constructed with high tempered steel or titanium that allows it to hold up to constant use. Brick saw blades are available in several difference sizes, and can be purchased at home supply stores, farmers exchanges, and through retailers who cater to commercial building companies.

Hand and tabletop models are very similar to saws used at home and in woodworking projects. Secure handles make it possible to grip the saw without fear of slippage during use. The blades can be sharpened with the same ease as any type of saw. Most models are equipped with safety feature such as guides and blade covers to help maximize the safety if using the tools while also increasing their accuracy.

The power source for a brick cutting saw is often either a heavy-duty gasoline or electric motor. With the smaller versions of the brick saw, the motor is relatively small, but often powerful enough to allow the blade to cut through a typical masonry brick or concrete block. For larger saws, the motors are equipped with additional horsepower, allowing the tools to be used in thicker types of construction bricks.

A typical brick saw can be used to cut through other substances that a wood cutting saw could not handle. Masonry of any type can be managed with this type of saw, including concrete, ceramic, or marble. It is not unusual for a brick saw to be used to trim tiles for walkways or as insets in a floor design, as well as a means of sculpting bricks and concrete as part of the overall landscaping design for a garden or back yard.

While the smaller saws work well for projects around the house or as a tool to use with a hobby, the larger mobile saw units are best for large construction jobs. Mounted onto a wheeled frame that is similar to a child’s wagon, these types of saws can easily be transported around a building site with ease, and stored when not required.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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