What Does a Technology Project Manager Do?

H. Terry
H. Terry
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

A technology project manager is in charge of ensuring that the implementation of new technology in an organization and other projects involving technology run smoothly and meet objectives. Technology project manager duties involve the planning and organization of projects as well as the supervision of teams assigned to projects. They might also be required to liaise with other types of managers or to provide training.

Rapid technological change is a reality in current business environments, and the most competitive businesses must be able to adapt quickly. By incorporating new technologies, and improving existing ones, companies can make production, distribution, advertising, and communication more efficient. The difficulty is that many managers lack the tech savvy to efficiently administer new projects themselves. Conversely, technical staffs often lack the managerial skills necessary to manage large projects and lead teams.

A bridge between managerial and technical knowledge is what a technology project manager offers a company. Well-prepared technology project managers have little difficulty finding employment. In order to find steady work as a technology project manager, one usually must have a strong technical background — both educational and experiential — as well as some management training. A Master's in Business Administration (MBA) has become the most widely valued advanced management qualification, and there are MBA programs available with specializations in technology management.

A technology project manager might work as a member of a staff or as a freelancer. In a freelance capacity, he or she might be contracted by a company either as a consultant for a project or as the lead person responsible for project development from conception to completion. While this career can be financially rewarding, and opportunities in the field abound, it is also highly competitive. For continued success — and employment — a technology project manager must constantly be updating his or her own knowledge. If a manager is unfamiliar with the latest technology or trends, there will always be others with a more current and relevant understanding — the timeliness of this understanding can undermine even the most impressive track records.

As well as needing to be a perpetual student, a technology project manager is often in charge of very time-sensitive projects and may need to work odd hours. He or she is also responsible for keeping other managers and employees informed about projects, which can mean many hours of meetings and training seminars. It can be difficult work, but for those with this in-demand skill set, a career as a technology project manager can be very rewarding. Technology project managers are likely to be well compensated for their work, and they also have the opportunity of witnessing how directly their contributions can affect a company´s success.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip