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What Are the Different Types of under Hijab Accessories?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

There are several different types of under hijab accessories available. These accessories include items to wear on the head, neck, and chest as well as products that provide additional coverage to the arms and legs. For example, women who wear the headscarf may choose to wear a cap or underscarf to provide additional coverage, to keep their hair in order, or to add color and style to their outfits. Items such as stand-alone collars, opaque socks, or arm gauntlets can expand a woman's clothing choices by providing coverage under garments that may be sheer or that may reveal more of her body than she wishes.

The term "hijab" describes the modesty codes of Islam that address the ways in which both men and women should dress and adorn themselves. The term is also used to refer to the headscarf or head covering worn by many Muslim women. It it is important to understand that, within the Muslim community and the Islamic world, there are many differing opinions as to the nature of hijab and the extent to which both women and men are expected to cover themselves or choose distinctive dress. As such, not all women choose to wear under hijab accessories, and those who do wear them may do so for many different reasons.

Some women who practice hijab wear thick socks.
Some women who practice hijab wear thick socks.

Many Muslim women wish to completely conceal their hair for reasons of religious piety, personal preference, or cultural and legal requirements. These women can contain their hair in an underscarf or cap so as to fully conceal their hair and to provide a fabric base for the hijab to cling to. Women may also use hijab pins both over and under their hijab to pin their headscarf in place and preserve its drape. Women may own under hijab caps and scarves in many different colors to coordinate them with other scarves and garments.

Some women who practice hijab wear collars, or dickies, that provide coverage to the neck and chest while not adding another layer of clothing. These collars can be very useful to women living in hot climates as well as women who would like to wear blouses and shirts that have open necklines. These, along with thick socks or tights, arm gauntlets, and other under hijab accessories can allow a woman a great deal of flexibility in her wardrobe choices, as she can easily modify outfits to be appropriate for times when she does not have to cover herself as well as when coverage is required.

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There was a family of Muslims living on my floor in my old apartment building. The women kept to the traditional form of dress and remained covered from head to toe whenever they left their apartment.

I noticed them wearing a lot of the accessories this article mentioned. One of the ladies seemed to enjoy wearing more American clothing, but she would wear a headscarf and cap with her outfits. Additionally, she would wear a collar under any shirt that wasn't a turtleneck. I also noticed her wearing arm gauntlets and tights a lot.


I never thought about it, but I can totally see the benefit of wearing a cap under a headscarf as a hijab accessory. From what I understand, Islam is pretty strict about their standards of modesty and ladies aren't supposed to show their hair in public.

I can understand why some women might want to take the extra precaution of wearing a cap underneath their headscarf. That way if something unforeseen happens to their headscarf, they have a layer underneath covering their hair to preserve their modesty.

And of course, I imagine having a bit of the cap showing under the headscarf could open up more fashion possibilities as well!


Very interesting. I'm not a Muslim, so I don't really understand the reasoning behind the hijab. However, I can see how it would be beneficial to have some accessories to help cover yourself up to the prescribed code of modesty.

I think the collar the article talks about sounds like it would be the most useful. I would imagine that it would be really uncomfortable to have to add an extra layer of clothing underneath every shirt. However, a collar seems like it would be the perfect solution. I suppose arm gauntlets would be very helpful as well so that a woman could wear a shirt that didn't have long sleeves.

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    • Some women who practice hijab wear thick socks.
      By: Bert Folsom
      Some women who practice hijab wear thick socks.