What Is a Baby Hijab?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands
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A baby hijab is a type of headcovering worn by Muslim girls. Similar to the hijabs worn by older girls and women, a baby hijab covers all of a little girl’s hair and neck, and can be layered to create different fashion effects. Typically, these coverings are not mandatory clothing, but are worn in public settings or at special occasions as a way of identifying with the modesty espoused in Islamic teachings. Offered in an array of styles and colors, many young girls take pleasure in being able to dress up in a small hijab.

There are many different types of hijabs designed for young girls. Style choices range from a basic hijab to types described as luxury hijab designs, which are designated as such according to the fabric, patterns and fashionable designs used. While the term "baby hijab" may lead one to believe that these coverings are made only for babies, it actually refers to a small hijab worn by a baby or a very young girl.

Adult women will often dress their daughters in a baby hijab for special religious occasions or may simply choose do so for more casual excursions, such as shopping or visiting friends. Such is particularly common if the woman is wearing a hijab and wishes for her daughter to match her style in public. Much like non-Muslim mothers choosing to don a mother-daughter outfit on special occasions, a Muslim mother may select a baby hijab for the same reasons. In fact, it is not uncommon for a young girl to want to wear a hijab because she likes how it looks on her mother and she wishes to emulate that style.

Baby hijabs may be worn with dresses, pants, skirts and blouses or may be worn with small abayas, which are traditional Muslim gowns or caftans that cover the rest of the body. Hijabs and abayas come in a wide selection of fabric choices and can be accessorized according to a woman’s particular style. Like larger hijabs, a baby hijab may be purchased from a store that offers Islamic fashions or may be made from a simple scarf or shawl.

A cap may be worn under a baby hijab or two hijabs may be layered to create a unique style. Depending on the fabrics used, a cap worn underneath a hijab may also help it remain in place while providing maximum coverage. Hijabs may also be featured in sportier fashions which allow a girl to engage in rigorous activities, such as athletic sports and physical exercise.

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    • Woman posing
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