What Are the Different Types of Hijab Accessories?

Lainie Petersen

Hijab accessories are items worn on or under the headscarf by many Muslim women. In some cases, these accessories have a practical purpose, such as providing additional coverage of the hair, neck, or head or holding a headscarf in place. In other cases, hijab accessories serve an aesthetic purpose by adding color or ornamentation to a woman's head covering. Common types of hijab accessories include underscarves, headbands, and hijab pins. These items are available from stores that sell Islamic apparel.

Hijabs are head coverings worn by Muslim women.
Hijabs are head coverings worn by Muslim women.

Many women who wear the hijab do so out of a concern for modesty and thus may be concerned about any exposure of their hair or neck if their headscarf slips. These women may choose to wear an underscarf, snood, or cap under their primary head covering. These hijab accessories cover and contain a woman's hair so that even if her scarf slips or comes undone, her hair remains covered. Another option is to wear a headband under the hijab that just covers the front of the head while holding hair back and off the face. Underscarves and headbands come in a variety of colors, and some even have embellishments such as rhinestones, providing an attractive contrast to the wearer's headscarf.

A jilbab is designed to cover the entire body except for the hands, face, and feet.
A jilbab is designed to cover the entire body except for the hands, face, and feet.

Hijab pins are another hijab accessory that serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose. These pins and clips are used to hold a hijab in place, which can be particularly important if a woman wears a large hijab that requires complicated folding or if she lives in a particularly windy area. Some pins are very plain in appearance, but others are colorful and decorative and may incorporate precious metals, gems, or even fabric flowers. A woman may use one or several hijab pins to secure her hijab in a way that she finds appropriate and attractive.

Some women who wear a head covering may be concerned about having additional coverage for their necks and chests, particularly if they are wearing clothing that might reveal these areas of their body under a headscarf or a jilbab, a type of overcoat that many Muslim women wear in public. To address this concern, some sellers of hijab accessories sell half collars, also known as dickies, garments that give the wearer the appearance of a turtleneck shirt while actually covering only the neck and clavicle. Women may choose to wear these collars while in public so as to have additional coverage without having to wear several layers of clothing.

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