How Do I Choose the Best New Hijab?

Lainie Petersen

When choosing a new hijab, you should consider the type of hijab worn by women in the community where you live or where you will be visiting, whether the hijab offers the amount of coverage that you desire, and if the head covering is comfortable to wear. You should also consider the cost of the hijab as well as whether it is easy to put on and keep in place. If you are on a limited budget, you may wish to select a new scarf in a basic color that will go well with most of your wardrobe or that can be easily matched with underscarves and caps in order to create new and different looks.

Different cultures feature a variety of different styles of hijab.
Different cultures feature a variety of different styles of hijab.

Different styles of hijabs are often worn in different cultures and communities. Many women like to choose a hijab that is similar to what other women around them are wearing. When choosing a new hijab, you may wish to talk to other women in your community to find out where they purchased theirs so that you can get one in the most accepted style. If you plan to travel, it is often a good idea to do some research on the type of hijab worn in the country that you plan on visiting. Many online retailers of Muslim clothing stock various types of head coverings so that you can select which works best for you.

Another consideration is the functionality of your new hijab. If a lot of coverage is important to you, you should check the size of the head covering to make sure that it can cover your shoulders and chest. If you are buying your new hijab in the store, you can simply examine the scarf to see whether it is large enough. If you are purchasing a headscarf online, check to see whether measurements are included in its product description. In some cases, a hijab may require special wrapping techniques or hijab pins for it to stay in place. If you are new to wearing a hijab, you may wish to wear a head covering that can be slipped on and off easily, with no need for special wrapping or accessories.

You should also consider your lifestyle as well as the climate where you live or will be traveling when selecting a new hijab. During the summer months, you will generally want to select a headscarf made from light, breathable fabric, while heavier fabrics may be more suitable for winter. Some hijabs are designed especially for wear during sports or exercise, so if you participate in these activities, you may wish to select a hijab made from special, breathable fabric and that fits tightly around your head.

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