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What are the Different Types of Gazebo Covers?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

A major component of a gazebo is the roof, as this is the piece that provides shelter from sunlight, rain, and wind. Considering that a gazebo cover is such a major part of the structure, making the right choice is important, and there are various types available. One of the most popular is a wooden roof made of cedar shingles, which tends to look natural but may be damaged by mold or insects over time. Metal gazebo covers are known for their durability, but they are susceptible to rust and may not blend in with natural surroundings. Finally, vinyl covers are quite inexpensive and light, while canvas is thicker and typically more expensive.

Those who want a durable roof often choose cedar shingles, as this kind of cover can typically keep out even the toughest elements, such as severe wind and heavy rain. Another advantage of wooden gazebo covers is that they tend to blend in well with the outdoors, which is ideal for homeowners who do not want their view of nature obscured by a structure that looks artificial. On the other hand, wood comes with its own issues, such as susceptibility to rot, mold, and damage from termites.

Canvas gazebos come in many colors and are easy to maintain.
Canvas gazebos come in many colors and are easy to maintain.

Consumers looking for a durable gazebo roof that is inexpensive should consider a metal cover. Though this type does not usually look as natural as wood gazebo covers, it is typically just as tough, and is usually less expensive. Unfortunately, it is susceptible to rust and needs to be painted every few years, but it tends to last for a long time without losing its shape.

Some people do not need tough gazebo covers, as their area is not typically exposed to heavy wind or torrential downpours of rain. In such cases, vinyl gazebo covers are usually ideal since they are typically inexpensive and light, which makes them easy to install. Of course, they do not tend to last long, and though they are waterproof, they cannot stand up to as much abuse by the weather as wood or metal types can.

One of the most popular materials for gazebo covers is canvas, which means that there are several designs and colors to choose from. It is considered tough for being a lighter material, and should last several years, but it is not always waterproof. Despite the fact that canvas gazebo covers are not necessarily the toughest on the market, they are usually among the costliest since they come in a large variety of weights, colors, and designs.

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    • Canvas gazebos come in many colors and are easy to maintain.
      By: Elenathewise
      Canvas gazebos come in many colors and are easy to maintain.