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What are the Different Options for Gazebo Lighting?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

It is often considered important to add lighting to the typical gazebo in order to use it at night. Fortunately, there are plenty of outdoor lighting ideas that work well in most gazebos. For example, outdoor chandeliers are ideal for sturdy structures that are used often, as the gazebo typically needs to be wired for electricity for this kind of lighting to be practical. Some people use lanterns instead, especially if they do not use their gazebo often enough to justify leaving permanent lighting in it. On the other hand, an alternative kind of gazebo lighting is a string light, which is easy to put in and ideal for leaving in the structure, no matter how often it is used.

Some homeowners use their gazebo frequently, whether for special events or as an extension of their home that is ideal for relaxation. In such cases, it is often worth it to install gazebo lighting that will stay with the structure long-term, such as an outdoor chandelier. This often requires that the structure be outfitted with electricity, which can be a complex and expensive job for most homeowners. Of course, some outdoor chandeliers can be plugged in, in which case some homeowners may prefer to use an extension cord to run electricity from the house to this type of gazebo lighting.

String lighting may be used to provide gazebo illumination.
String lighting may be used to provide gazebo illumination.

Many people do not use their gazebo enough to feel comfortable leaving lighting in it all the time. Instead, they may prefer to carry gazebo lighting with them into the structure so that they can easily bring it back inside the house when they are done. A lantern is usually ideal for this use, as it is typically lightweight, and comes in various sizes and styles. Paper lanterns often look casual and perfect for the outdoors, while stained glass lanterns add an elegant touch. They can be powered by a candle, fuel, or batteries, allowing them to be portable and to suit nearly any need or taste.

Those going for the casual look might consider string lights, which are similar to the types that are put up during the holidays. In fact, many people use festive holiday lights to decorate their gazebo, usually opting for either clear or uniformly colored bulbs. Homeowners who are nervous about keeping glass bulbs outside may choose LED string lights, which are considered safer and more energy-efficient as well. This type of gazebo lighting can create a romantic atmosphere, a cheerful party environment, or a relaxing space, depending on the kind that is chosen.

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    • String lighting may be used to provide gazebo illumination.
      By: Alison Bowden
      String lighting may be used to provide gazebo illumination.