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How do I Choose the Best Replacement Gazebo Cover?

Angela Crout-Mitchell
Angela Crout-Mitchell

There are a few factors to consider when searching for a replacement gazebo cover, including the size and shape of the gazebo frame, the material the cover is made of, and the homeowner's color and design preferences. It is not uncommon for gazebo covers to be damaged beyond repair by severe weather conditions such as rain and wind storms, and many home experts suggest removing the gazebo cover if possible before damaging storms. Many people also choose to remove and store the gazebo cover during the winter months in regions prone to extreme cold temperatures, snow, and ice. In most cases, the structure of the gazebo, whether it is made from wood or metal, is relatively durable and often does not need protection from the elements.

The first features to be considered when choosing a new replacement gazebo cover are the size and shape of the gazebo. It is important to find a gazebo cover that will fit the existing frame correctly. One of the simplest ways to find a replacement gazebo top is to record the style or model number of the gazebo and then search for a cover from either the manufacturer or from the store where the gazebo was purchased. This ensures the gazebo cover is the correct fit and shape for the structure. Some homeowners choose to have a professional measure and create a customized gazebo top to meet their specifications in terms of more durable material and color choice.

Heavy canvas makes a durable gazebo cover.
Heavy canvas makes a durable gazebo cover.

Some materials are more durable than others, and it is suggested to seek out a replacement gazebo cover made from heavy canvas or a durable cotton blend. Gazebo covers constructed from these materials can usually be found online, in specialty shops, or may be custom made. The covers offered with the purchase of the gazebo are often made from lighter, less durable materials, and these typically do not last very long in even moderate climates due to sun, rain, and wind damage.

Once the materials for the gazebo covers and sizing have been decided, many homeowners take the opportunity to personalize their covers with various colors, designs, and patterns. It is not unusual for people to use their gazebos as an extension of their homes for an entertaining space. As such, the gazebo cover is often considered an outdoor room, and can be decorated in any number themes and designs. Fabric stores and catalogs offer a wide variety of suitable gazebo materials in an assortment of colors and patterns to fit any decor scheme.

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    • Heavy canvas makes a durable gazebo cover.
      By: Elenathewise
      Heavy canvas makes a durable gazebo cover.