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How do I Choose the Best Vinyl Gazebo?

K. Gierok
K. Gierok

Spending time in a vinyl gazebo is a great way to get outside without actually having to "rough it." In order to select the best vinyl gazebo, it is important first to determine what size gazebo is ideal. Those who are considering purchasing this item should also evaluate the style of the home near which it will be placed, the local climate, and the cost of the gazebo before making a final purchase.

In order to select the best vinyl gazebo, it is important to first consider how large the gazebo ideally should be. Gazebos can range quite a bit in size, and often can be found ranging anywhere from 6 square feet (1.82 meters2) up to 22 square feet (5.59 meters2). Those who are looking for a gazebo to hold only one or two people should do fine with a smaller gazebo. When using the gazebo for larger groups — such as those of five or more people — the purchaser will probably need to select a gazebo that is substantially larger. In most cases, the larger the gazebo, the more expensive it is.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

When choosing a vinyl gazebo, it is also important to consider the style of the house near which it will be placed. Gazebos usually look best when they are of an architectural style similar to that of the house. Vinyl gazebos can be found in a number of styles, including oriental, Southwestern, and even Victorian. While the gazebo doesn't necessarily need to be an exact match, it should at least closely resemble the house.

Those looking for a vinyl gazebo should also consider the climate in which they are living before making a final decision. While some gazebos are entirely enclosed, others may contain screened areas or be open to the elements. These latter types may be nice in areas that offer mild temperatures, but they are likely not ideal for colder, harsher climates. For best results, select a gazebo that will allow you to get the most use.

Cost can also be a major contributor when it comes to selecting the best vinyl gazebo. Though size can be a major factor when it comes to gazebo price, other issues can also significantly raise or lower the price. For example, in most cases, gazebos that are pre-assembled are much more expensive than those in kit form. Individuals who are skilled are assembly, therefore, may want to consider choosing one of these products in order to save some money.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book