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What are the Best Wellness Tips?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

The best wellness tips tend to offer ways to be healthy that are workable for many people. For instance, not everyone has the desire or willpower to give up favorite foods or sugar altogether, but cutting out unhealthy foods that aren't favorites and limiting sugary foods are things that everyone can do. Corporate wellness that affects employee health is an important area for wellness tips because many people become stressed over work and this commonly leads to unhealthy eating habits, reduced sleep and a lack of exercise as well as worry over things like job loss and money problems.

Reminding ourselves that we need to strive for balance and not worry about what we can't control, but instead do what we can do are important wellness tips. On the job, we should make sure to take breaks throughout the workday and take at least one vacation a year. A good work-life balance is considered important to employee health. A great wellness tip for workaholics is to start with just one evening normally spent taking work home and instead watch a comedy movie or enjoy a relaxing spa treatment.


Starting an office walking club as part of a corporate wellness program is one of the best wellness tips because it also gives people a chance to get to know co-workers better as well as get outdoors. After arriving home from work, changing into comfortable clothing and spending a few minutes meditating and taking time to breathe is a good way to transition from work to home life. Planning a weekly shopping list of healthy foods on sale can save money as well as the time and stress it takes going to the store on the way home from work. Getting enough sleep each night as well as medical check-ups on a regular schedule are other important wellness tips.

Employee wellness also has a lot to do with financial health. Saving even a small amount of money each month is much better than not saving anything. A good financial wellness tip is to start as low as $50 US dollars (USD) per month and when that amount is easily achieved, double it and continue the pattern to save as much money as possible. Having emergency savings can help relieve worry over possible job loss or unforeseen bills. Even small amounts of savings can come in handy for emergency bills such as extra car repairs.

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