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What are the Different Wellness Careers?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

There are many possibilities for those interested in wellness careers. People in this field are typically employed to help others to achieve some type of goal that benefits their health or lives. Career options include acupuncture, massage therapy, and somatology.

An acupuncturist is a person who attempts to promote or maintain good health using an ancient Eastern medicine technique called acupuncture. This technique generally involves the use of needles that are carefully inserted at various points of the body. The acupuncturist, like a doctor, will generally do an assessment. This professional analysis is then used to decide what points on the body need to be treated.

Massage therapy is a wellness career.
Massage therapy is a wellness career.

Massage therapy is one of the wellness careers that is often carried out in a spa. Some massage therapists also work in medical facilities such as physical therapy practices. Some clients utilize the services of massage therapists solely for pleasure and relaxation. Others, however, may use massage therapy in efforts to treat ailments such as sprains, tension, or insomnia.

Somatologists are also often found working in spas. Although these professionals may also use massage therapy, it is likely to be only one of their treatment methods. Somatology involves using a range of holistic and natural methods to address individual ailments and overall well-being. Treatment methods can include yoga, facials, and herbal remedies.

Personal trainers engage in wellness careers that deal with helping people to achieve goals pertaining to the shape, size, and abilities of their bodies. This is generally done by designing physical activity programs that suit each individual. Some people who employ personal trainers have purely cosmetic motives. Other people need these professionals to help them achieve goals that are medically necessary.

Nutritionists are professionals that teach people how to eat properly. They also instruct people how to eat to achieve certain goals such as weight gain or weight loss. A nutritionist may be employed in a variety of circumstances including helping malnourished individuals, helping obese individuals, or helping people who are attempting to recover from an eating disorder. These wellness careers allow opportunities to work with aid agencies, at community clinics, and in hospitals.

Stress counselors are wellness professionals who teach people how to manage and alleviate stress. Although stress is not a condition that it easily defined, medical authorities tend to agree that it can have adverse effects on mental and physical health. Counselors in this field equip people with tools and techniques that can help them to resolve or avoid stress-related health and social problems.

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    • Massage therapy is a wellness career.
      By: apops
      Massage therapy is a wellness career.