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How do I get Wellness Training?

Ken Black
Ken Black

Getting wellness training starts with an individual's decision to make an affirmative change in his or her lifestyle. Often, this change comes from the development of a wellness plan, or personal plan, to improve one's health and quality of life. In some cases, where the employer has offered an employee wellness plan, consultation with a wellness coach may be offered. In other cases, it may be up to the individual to seek out a coach, if one-on-one wellness training is desired.

In the case of a corporate plan, finding the right person to help with wellness training is much easier. If the company does not offer some one-on-one time with a coach, chances are it will at least offer some contact information for a coach in the area. If not, then the company may know how to get that information. This person should already be familiar with the basic tenets of the wellness plan, and will be able to fine tune it with the individual's chosen goals in mind.

Woman in breeze
Woman in breeze

Another way to seek wellness training is at a local health club. While there are special certifications available for wellness coaches, a health club may or may not employ individuals with such a certification. At any rate, the health club should have someone on staff who can help an individual handle many of the aspects of a wellness plan. This includes coming up with a realistic exercise schedule, diet advice, and advice on changing bad habits.

For those who do want to make sure they get someone formally certified in wellness training, doing an online search for a wellness coach is an easy way to find qualified trainers nearby. Some websites will search for wellness coaches by geographical area, making it more convenient for the searcher. Be cautious when using these sites. They may not refer you to all certified professionals in wellness training in your area. They may simply refer you to coaches who have either paid to be be listed, or attended a certain company's training program.

For those who cannot afford to retain a personal coach, there is a substantial amount of information online about wellness training, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This includes information on exercise, nutrition and changing habits. Though nothing will replace the personal one-on-one attention a wellness coach can provide, these resources should be able to help those who simply do not have the money to do it any other way, or do not want to spend the money.

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    • Woman in breeze
      Woman in breeze