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How do I Use Mesotherapy for Cellulite?

T. Flanagan
T. Flanagan

Mesotherapy is a cosmetic procedure that can eliminate the dimply appearance of cellulite. Small amounts of vitamins, drugs, natural herbal extracts, and other agents are injected into the skin to melt fat and weaken the connective tissues that trap cellulite-causing pockets of fat. The injections also improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, leading to smoother skin.

Cellulite is caused by compartments of fat that give skin a dimpled, uneven appearance. Unlike other types of body fat, cellulite develops not in smooth bands but in chambers. Despite weight loss, diet, and exercise, these chambers of fat will not usually disappear on their own. Most patients find that mesotherapy for cellulite is effective at eliminating fatty dimples on the legs, buttocks, stomach, arms, and back because the pockets of fat are directly targeted and dissolved.

Woman posing
Woman posing

The most important thing to do when considering mesotherapy for cellulite is to spend time researching mesotherapy providers. It is important to ask who will be administering the injections. Mesotherapy is typically administered by a doctor, but not all mesotherapists have received specific training. Some clinics allow nurses and assistants to perform the procedure.

There is no standardized blend of ingredients used in mesotherapy for cellulite. Each mesotherapist concocts their own special mix of pharmaceuticals, herbs, and vitamins, which is sometimes unique to each patient or to the area being treated. The ingredients are generally being used contrary to their intended use, and mesotherapy injections are largely unregulated. Patients considering mesotherapy for cellulite should ask for a specific list of ingredients in their doctor's cellulite injections prior to receiving treatment.

Most clinics require patients to undergo allergy testing prior to commencing mesotherapy for cellulite. Once the doctor determines that the patient has no allergies to the mesotherapy medications, treatment can begin. Weekly or bi-weekly treatments are common, and most patients require about ten treatments to get rid of cellulite.

At the mesotherapy appointment, the mesotherapist makes a series of injections into the middle layer of skin, or mesoderm, directly into the cellulite. The treatment is not especially painful, but the injections do cause a pinching and burning sensation. Some patients choose to apply a topical numbing agent to their skin prior to their mesotherapy appointment, making the treatment almost painless.

Following treatment, many patients experience bruising and soreness at the injection site. Less common side effects include itching, swelling, irritation, and infection. Results vary from patient to patient, but most notice a visible reduction in cellulite after two or three treatments. The reduction in cellulite is permanent, especially when patients take care not to gain excessive weight. Because hormonal and physiological conditions also cause cellulite, some patients will require periodic maintenance injections to maintain their results.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing