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What Are the Most Common Mesotherapy Side Effects?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

Mesotherapy is the practice of injecting tiny amounts of certain substances into the skin. Mild to moderate pain is typically very common during and shortly after this treatment. Other common mesotherapy side effects include bruising, swelling, and itching. Arnica supplements or topical lotions are sometimes used to relieve the side effects of mesotherapy. Infection and scarring are some less common mesotherapy side effects, but these usually only occur under unsanitary conditions.

During a mesotherapy session, very small needles are used to inject tiny amounts of certain compounds into the skin. This type of treatment is said to improve the look of the skin, and some claim that it can diminish things like signs of aging and cellulite. Some compounds that might be injected include vitamins, natural extracts, and medicines. Both the process itself and the injected compounds can cause some mesotherapy side effects.

Bruising is a common mesotherapy side effect.
Bruising is a common mesotherapy side effect.

Pain is one of the most common mesotherapy side effects. This is usually felt during the procedure to some degree, and although it is typically very mild, some professionals use a topical numbing agent on the area receiving treatment. The pain can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days after the procedure.

Bruising is another of the most common mesotherapy side effects. This occurs because of the needles penetrating the skin. It is usually somewhat mild, but it can last for several days after a mesotherapy session.

Swelling can also occur, along with bruising. Tiny bumps may also be visible where the needles penetrated the skin. This swelling will usually only last for a day or two after a session.

Itching is also quite common. This is usually quite mild, but some people may experience a severe itching or burning sensation. These mesotherapy side effects, however, are typically more common when certain compounds are injected. Like most other mesotherapy side effects, this will usually subside within a few hours.

Arnica montana supplements are often recommended by professionals to ease most mesotherapy side effects. This herb, commonly known as wolf's bane, has been observed to reduce pain, bruising, and swelling. Mesotherapy patients are usually advised to take an oral supplement, but topical lotions containing this plant extract are also available.

More serious mesotherapy side effects can include infection and scarring. This is rather unusual, however, and typically only occurs when the procedure is performed by an unlicensed or untrained professional. To avoid these serious side effects, individuals are advise to seek mesotherapy sessions from licensed, experienced, and sanitary physicians.

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    • Bruising is a common mesotherapy side effect.
      By: roblan
      Bruising is a common mesotherapy side effect.