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What are Mesotherapy Injections?

Janis Adams
Janis Adams

A non-surgical procedure, mesotherapy injections treat unwanted fat and cellulite. This non-invasive approach addresses wrinkles and sagging skin as well. Mesotherapy injections are a combination of traditional, homeopathic, and herbal medications injected into the mesoderm, or the middle layer of the skin. These injections treat only the targeted area, as opposed to similar oral medications that some have found to be less than effective.

Prior to receiving a mesotherapy injection, a patient is tested to determine if she has any allergic reactions to the combination of medications that will be administered. The combination of medications that will be used for treatment differ from patient to patient, as they are specifically customized. The test usually will be administered 24 hours prior to the scheduled treatment. Each subsequent session, when the mesotherapy injections are given, takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

Doctor taking notes
Doctor taking notes

As a treatment for cellulite, these injections are known to reduce or entirely eliminate cellulite. When a targeted area is chosen, the injections are given until the desired results are seen. The number of treatments ranges from 10 to 25. Treatments are usually weekly or bi-monthly, as determined by the physician administering the injections and the patient.

Mesotherapy injections, as opposed to liposuction, are completely safe. There have never been any reported fatalities associated with the injections. While the injection procedure is not an invasive one, it is advised to have a licensed physician administer the treatments.

These injections are also used as anti-aging treatments. Delivering vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, this combination when injected causes increased production of collagen and greater elastin, which produces a more youthful look. After a treatment, skin looks more rested, radiant, and firmer. This can also cause skin to be less sagging and tighter. These type of mesotherapy injections are done on parts of the body including the neck, belly, and hands.

As mesotherapy injections have become increasingly popular over the years, many untrained and unlicensed practitioners are administering these treatments. Due to this, people receiving these treatments run a risk of not having the desired results, as the practitioners who have not been trained do not know how to adequately address each patient's specific needs.

In 1986, mesotherapy injections were first recognized by the French Academy of Medicine. At this time, it was noted as an integral treatment in traditional medicine. Since then, mesotherapy injections have become increasingly popular and more effective.

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@boathugger: The cost and number of treatments really depends on what you want your results to be. Individuals who are not significantly overweight and just want those “love handles” removed do not need as many treatments. However, significantly obese patients usually require more than the average number of treatments. For those patients, it can cost up to $4000 per body part.

Insurance companies generally do not pay for mesotherapy because it is considered a cosmetic procedure.


@boathugger: I’m sure the cost varies depending on where you live but I have some approximate prices. My sister had it done and she had outstanding results. I base these prices off of what she told me:

Typically, mesotherapy costs between $250 and $450 per body part, per treatment. On an average, an individual usually gets two to three body parts done.

My sister got one treatment per week and ended up needing 9 treatments.


I have considered having it done. I have seen mesotherapy before and after pictures and it seems to work. Does anyone have any idea how much it costs?

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    • Doctor taking notes
      Doctor taking notes